Bleeding after intercourse

I have suffered for years with pain and heavy periods and was finally diagnosed in august last year. They found endo by my left ovary which was superficial. But I have a new problem and I'm unsure if its common or connected to endo. Twice now in the past year I've bleed after intercourse with lower abdominal pain and i don't really want to go running to the docs as its only happened twice. Smear tests are up to date and normal. Any advice would be brilliant. X

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  • Hi I understand what your going through. And it's not nice

  • I bleed after sex - three days before period x

  • I would go to the doc if I were you. I had some bleeding in between my periods and after intercourse and thought nothing of it. But having a new partner who noticed what was happening and encouraged me to go to the doc got me my diagnosis of fibroids and it turned out that there was a polyp growing out of my cervix and that was causing the bleeding. I went for tests and it was removed and turned out to be benign but it could have been otherwise. That was three years ago and I'm now very soon to have a hysterectomy because it grew back and the fibroids got worse and there's a distinct possibility I have endo but they won't know until they open me up. But it was the bleeding after sex that made me go to the doc in the first place and if I hadn't done it could have gone on undiagnosed.

    Good luck with it anyway!

  • Hi,

    I suffer from ends and 2 years ago had 2 cycts removed from my left ovary. Even before that I was bleeding after wasn't as little as in you case but really a put me off the area of life significantly. I was told that it's caused by endo and that I should to accept and live with it as its nothing to worry. Well it was.the bleeding was getting worse and worse. My all smear tests ware up to date and good. But I felt something was wrong. i didn't give up and kept coming back to my gp. In the end somebody examine me and said there was a huge inflammation on my cervix. They did biopsy and came back cin1 but as it was big area inflamed they decided to do LLE and cut it off. Surprising, isn't it? Considering in the previous year I had 2 negative smear tests and 3 gino examined me. I didn't agree to have LLE, went to where I come from- Italy, got to see a go, had some tablets prescribed and I'm ok.they say it all ok now and my cervix is fine. smear tests are good but only if they are done properly, mine we not!

    good luck

  • Thanks for your replies ladies, its awful having to deal with these things. I'm so glad this page is here or I'd be lost. Thank you again for taking time out to reply. Xxx

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