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Bleeding irregularly


So I just wanted to know if anybody has had the same issue. I’m now with a different doctor as I found my last one very unhelpful and not understanding of my symptoms at all. When I last went to my gp she suggested that I take my pill back to back for 3 months (my doctor suspects endometriosis).

I have been on the pill for 10 years now and I’m so regular and always have been up until this year. However I had my period roughly 2 weeks ago was fairly normal then the weekend just gone I started to bleed fairly heavily (this May to be much info) but during sex. I then bled for 2 days, but then it stopped. Had a days break then the following evening just randomly started bleeding again.

I was under the impression with taking my pill back to back that I would be irregular and have times where I would bleed when I’m still taking the pill but wondered if it was normal to bleed this month during a short space of time. I’m towards the end of my months pill pack so I would expect to probably have a period again within this next week.

Has anybody else had similar to this?

Thanks x

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your doctor suspects endometriosis. have you had any tests for this ie hysteroscopy and biopsy if not you need one to rule out any thing nasty . i am a big fan of GA for this but they will try to talk you in to outpatient and its a pain risk he biopsy bit is always painful if she does not admit to the risk of pain she is a lieing has she mention any tests at all?

I had a doctor for months who thought it could be kidney stones or Ibs. Ive had several symptoms of endometriosis since the beginning of this year when I originally thought a water infection had become a kidney infection. I can now barely walk as I’m in so much pain all of the time, not just when I have my periods but it definitely intensifies when I’m due on, pain when I need the toilet, tired all the time, pain during sex etc. I saw a different doctor who suspects Endo. I’ve had blood tests, an abdominal ultrasound, internal ultrasound and a sigmoidoscopy. Other than that I haven’t had anything else done.

i really do not understand why you have not bean referred for a hysterscopy and endometrial biopsy and why haven't they given you any gyne pain killers like merflic acid. abdominal ultrasound, internal ultrasound miss %50 of lesions normally i try and go down the diplomatic rote and say make a informed choice but do not have a outpatient unless your lucky enough to be offered consensus sedation make sure there is pain relief in there and not just mozaldam because your in too much pain already there hard to get hold of some time bur eve appeal are good for advice

They offered me five months worth of naproxen. I took a months worth and gave up because they didn’t touch the pain at all and made me feel constantly really sick so my gp said to not continue with them. Other than that I have been offered nothing else in terms of pain relief. I’m waiting for my second gynae appointment which should be in August. Hopefully I don’t have to chase it as I’m becoming worse as time goes on and I can barely get through a day at work at the moment! Thanks for the reply it’s helpful to hear other people’s advice and opinions

thank you. postan (merflic asid)is a properer gyne pain killer (it can give you diarrhoea) please ask you gp for it august is a long time to wait

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