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Hi guys. I am on zoladex, recently had my third injection. I don't have a period anymore, ie I don't bleed. But I have huge intense pain for the whole week I should be on. I was just wondering if even though the zoladex is working and my womb is shutting down therefore no bleeding, am I still experiencing a period? I just don't understand? I thought no period meant no period pain? I'm having my diagnostic lap in 2 months but I'm seeing a endo specialist and he feels pretty certain I have it. I feel pain 3 weeks out of 4 but my period week is the worst. I really hope I wake up tomorrow pain free but it's very doubtful. Any help anyone can give me is much appreciated. Thanks girls xxx

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  • Hi!

    I was exactly the same. I was taking microgynon for 3 months without a break as advices by my surgeon when he suspected I had endo and no matter what I always had pain! My only problem was I couldn't remember when it would have been period pain because I wasn't having any for 3 months. The pain never went however but I did always experience more pain for a week which was when I realised it would have been my period. I had my lap and they found endo. I hope this helps and good luck! Xx

  • Hi - what sort of pain is it - is it definitely period pain such as your uterus contracting or is it different?

  • hi, I experience a constant ache in my lower back and pelvis 3 out of 4 weeks but for 1 of those weeks it becomes really intense. The only way I can describe it is throbbing and heavy. It becomes really uncomfortable to sit and I have to sit with a wheat bag on my lower back and another one in between my legs as I get a lot of pain in what feels like the bone around my vagina opening. My stomach cramps and I get a sharp stabbing pain in my right lower abdomen. As I have had the coil in for a year and I don't have "a period" any more, I do fine myself unsure if it is still called my period week. My boobs start to get really sore in the 3-4 days before this pain which to me is always a sign I am about to come on. The way I have described it to my partner is I feel like I should be bleeding but I'm not. I feel like I should be gushing with blood just like my heavy periods before. I got so worried at one point of this feeling and how constantly tired I am I told him I was really scared he was going to come home one day and find me unconscious on the sofa in a pool of blood because that's what my body is making me feel. I am just wondering is this normal?

  • Hi - it is possible you might have a condition called adenomyosis which is like endometriosis within the uterus and can exist with or without endo. When you say you are seeing a specialist is this in general gynaecology? I suggest that if you are in England you look at a referral to a specialist endo centre. Click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find one. xs

  • I posted on here before and you talked to me about finding a endo specialist. I found my local specialist and endo centre, I paid to see him privately for first consultation and am now on his nhs waiting list. He wants me to have 3 more months of zoladex and have my lap after. As the zoladex isn't really helping me much atm and I'm in month 3, he doesn't think Im going to get better with out surgary. But I got confused as I thought the coil and the zoladex had shut down my womb ovaries etc. Would the lap show if I had adenomyosis? I must admit I've never heard of it before.

  • No - a lap won't show it but you will probably be given an MRI which may give an indication. The important thing is that you are being seen by a specialist who should now go through all the necessary investigations. Unfortunately zoladex doesn't help everyone as it depends on the depth of any endo and whether you have other factors such as adhesions and/or nerve involvement which zoladex won't help. But hopefully you are on the right road now.

  • Thank you for all your help x

  • Hi, this is similar to me. I'm on cerazette and have been for about ten months and I don't bleed on it. I get pain twice a month at ovulation time and it stays as a niggling pain til towards end of packet when I would be due a bleed and the pain increases. I had a cool before which was great. I would only get cramps for about one to two days amonth that was it. I did bleed for about 3.4 months but a lot of that was sporting or light bleeding. But I think coil moved and I started bleeding heavily and was in lot of pain and had to have it out. They tested me for infection, uti, did blood tests etc and all fine. They think I have endometriosis and put me on cerazette to try help me and it helped a little for while but last few months pain been getting worse and lasting longer and since pain started again been affecting my bowel movements for months and months. I've had endometriosis before and I had some of the same symptoms as I do now but I also have some newer symptoms this time like pain when I have full bladder and pain before after a bowel movement. Also pain under my diaphragm and in my vaginsl area at times.

    Like you I feel like I should be bleeding heavily but I don't.

  • I'm having a laparoscopy on Wednesday. I have mixed feelings about it. But I really need to have it done now as the pain is increasing and painkillers are only just taking the edge off.

  • Good luck for tomorrow, I know its scary but I think its worth it so you can finally have some answers about what's wrong. I get so stressed about it, my friends don't understand how I am still in pain all the time. I was admitted to hospital twice in sept and all my friends think it should have just gone by now. Then when they ask me whats wrong I can't even give them a proper answer because I've not even got an answer yet. My partner has been amazing tho, not sure I could have got through any of this with out him. I really hope you've got some good support? x

  • Hi thank you for your message. I have some family close by but they don't really understand. I've got a good friend who is helping me out practically. I'm glad I found this forum as I find it a good support. I'm a single parent with a four year old so it is tough at times but managing. I'm glad you have a supportive partner. Thank you for caring xx

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