Surgery Day Finally!!!!

Hello Girls... it's finally surgery day for me and I'm extremely nervous. I'm hungry and scared, and just want this over with now. They believe I'll be in hospital 2 nights, hopefully no longer. I have an amazing surgeon/gynaecologist, so I feel in safe hands. Just the whole idea of surgery and recovery and pain, makes me nervous and anxious. Sorry I'm rambling a lot, it coz I'm nervous.

Anyway hope all goes ok, I'll will update u after surgery.

R xx

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  • I totally understand how you are feeling. I tried reading a magazine beforehand to calm down but my mind just wasn't on it. Soon be over. I hope it goes well for youx

  • Thank you. I am going take some music with me, do hopefully that helps.

    God will be with me.

    R xx.

  • Yes I think calming music is better than trying to read something, good ideax

  • Good luck hope everything goes well. And you get sorted out and become pain free. Deep breaths and positive thoughts. Xx

  • Thanks for your kind words. I leave for the hospital in an hour so just chilling listening to music and trying to keep calm.

    R xx

  • Best of luck, I hope all goes well for you x

  • Thank you

    R xx

  • I have my first next week. Good luck and report back! :)

  • Firstly, thank you to all the support out there. Also, good luck "Mori" with your first lap.

    I got home yesterday after 2 rough days in hospital. They removed all the disease and put a Mirena Coil in. I spent two painful long nausea days in hospital and I'm now home. Just resting lots and trying to keep on top of my pain with painkillers. The hospital was amazing, the surgeons were incredible. Just lots of rest and recovery, and hopefully I'll be a different person.

    Overall, I'm extremely happy with the whole procedure and care after, and very happy with the results of the operation.

    All the best to everyone else and their treatment and care.

    God Bless You

    R xx.

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