Feeling helpless

I am a 40 year old female and as a result of severe bleeding and pmdd my gynaecologist has given me gnrh injections. He gave me a 1 month injection to start, followed by a 3 month injection (about a month ago). I am also on the hrt drug tibolene. I had a period last month, which was horrendous) due to the time the injection had been given in my cycle, however, I have now been bleeding for about 11 days and I'm distended. Is this normal?. I'm feeling really fed up at the moment.

Thanks angela

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Sorry no great advise but good luck I understand all the horrid feelings your going through. I'm at a stage where no treatments seems to help - if anything they make me feel worse!

I hope it settles soon for you


Hi, I would get this checked out I only had 2 x 1 month cycles injected then stopped due to strong adverse effects but my period stopped straight away and of my long list of side effects I did not get bloating/ distension.

Worth also googling the PIL patient info leaflet to see if it is listed. If not you can use the yellow card website to add it as a side effect

Thank you. I have made an appointment fir Thursday with my gynaecologist as I am still bleeding with clots and I look 9 months pregnant! I'm at the end of my tether. X

Good luck, let us know how it goes x

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