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Hello ladies,

I'm due my 2nd zoladex injection tomorrow but I've spent the last 3 weeks feeling pretty unwell, like I have the flu, I want to give another month a go to see if it changes but did anyone else feel like this on the injection and did it get better? I'm quite apprehensive about going through another month of it but feel like it's my last option before they operate again and not keen on that as I feel so exhausted and down from everything xx

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  • Hi Kirstie, the first month can be pretty horrible but i found from the second things improved to the point that I felt so much better than I had for a long time. It's worth persevering another month to see if it gets better. If it does then that's great but if not at least you tried. Good luck.

  • Yeah I definitely want to give another month a go to see if it improves. I had to stop prostap after 4 months for constantly feeling ill hopefully this one won't be the same 😊 Thank you

  • If you get the hot flushes try evening primrose oil and sage leaf tablets. One of each twice a day i found helped a lot.

  • Hi I'm on day 11 off first injection, not much change apart from boobs killing, and feeling pretty emotional for a few days, but u get that anyway, are you booked in for another laparoscopy? I would preserver for another month, has it helped with your original symptoms, ???

  • No I'm not they suggested a laparoscopy but then realised I had 2 within 9 months of each other so didn't want to touch me again and suggested trying zoladex as I've already tried prostap. It's helped with the pain that had got really bad, it's just a shame you then have some nasty side affects to deal with but hopefully they'll pass :)

  • I felt much better after my first month as well. I managed 14 injections without the back up HRT they offered (don't ask me how, but the HRT side affects sounded as bad so better the devil you know I suppose).

    Just try the next one and see how you feel. HRT is always an option.

    Good luck x

  • That's good to know, I had my second one yesterday so really hoping things improve now 😊 I was on hrt but seemed worse so have stopped it for now

    Thanks xx

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