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Year 4 of coil and fed up

Hi all, I need to find a specialist who will basically give me a hysterectomy.

I'm 26, have been suffering from chronic pelvic pain for 5+ years, I've tried zolodex, tablets, had 3 laparoscopies and had the mirena in for 4 years now. I'm dreading having it removed because even though I am still in agonising pain every day, I hate to think how it would be if I was bleeding.

I've seen 4 gynaecologists and they were useless, the 3rd left me so bruised and scarred after laparoscopy #3 that I didn't even go back to him.

I can't live with this pain anymore, it's making me suicidal and depressed. A few times a week it gets so bad I lose the feeling in my legs and start blacking out. I've put on weight, which makes me hate myself and the way I look, despite eating little and exercising as much as the pain allows me to.

I'm just so fed up and want this goddamn womb out of me! (Note: I have never ever ever wanted kids, I hate kids, I have always wanted animals over children)

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Hi, I am in the same position, I was given Gnrh injections which worked a treat, then had the coil put in...now have hair loss, anxiety, depression, twitches, shakes... the gyno removed the coil and then discharged me from her clinic!! even though the bleeding is going to come back.. they are bothered... Im sure if I were paying her privately it may be a different story!!

I now need to find another gyno who can simply give me a hysterectomy and be done with it... my womb does not work, it has malfunctioned, and it is causing so many problems and i also prefer animals!


I'm with you though a lot older 40. I hate my coil it's made me so depressed, nauseated, dizzy, my boobs are huge and I still get sooo much pain still. Im terrified to have it removed as not sure I could cope with the heavy bleeding as well. Im seeing consultant next month to beg for hysterectomy. Good luck I bet there stalling as your so young. My consultant previously was not keen as said it's hard to remove all endo so I may still be in pain after. He also said I need HRT which may not help!!!


Where abouts are you living? I am 28 and last year at the age of 27 had a full hysterectomy. Obviously this is a last resort method. I too had difficulty in finding anyone to listen and take me seriously. Gps didnt help and even going private they fobbed me off until i found one consultant that was a specialist in this field and listened to me sincerely. He was not discrimative wih my age but treated me as another human wih a newd for help. Obviously i cannot give you the details on here as we are not allowed to promote any individual consultant.

Feel free to email me and i can pass on details privately.


I'm 22 and in the same situation. My consultant had agreed a 3rd lap next month. I just want my womb gone!


Hi I'm 26 and suffered with endo for 12 years was only diagnosed 3 years ago thanks to the lack of help and knowledge of the drs I have had everything coil pills injections operations and still suffering asked for hysterectomy numerous of times same answer of all different nhs and private. Dr:- no your too young me:- I don't want children I and kids clash I really don't like kids Dr:- you might change your mind when your older me:- i won't my husband is 21years older than me we have been together for 8 years we love each other more than anything on earth he's had the snip years ago neither of us want kids he's got 2 kids from previous relationships he doesn't want anymore. Dr raised his voice :- NO AND DONT ASK AGAIN I WILL NOT DISCUSS THIS ANYMORE WITH YOU YOURE WASTING YOUR TIME. Straight from the Dr I was sad and depressed and left in a very dark place. Xx


Did that doctor raise his voice with you?

Thats unprofessional.

If a patient wishes to dicuss something they should be allowed to be listened to and even if the doctor disagrees for whatever reason should allow you to speak to another professional.



I am 34 and had a full hysterectomy on Monday. I was diagnosed at 22 years old and since then have had 5 laparoscopies and severe endometriosis and my consultant finally agreed to a hysterectomy after other tests ruled out anything else going on and as I was adamant I didn’t want kids

Really tough decision to make and even now it’s done and remain certain no kids wanting I keep worrying made right decision or not. My hormones are all over the place and feeling really down don’t nice op and it’s all so hard. Wish I never had endometriosis in the first place but i did and hopefully hysterectomy will pay off, time will tell


I have had a full hysterectomy at the age of 28. Full year on and everything is great.

Sometimes the emotions can take me by surprise especially as i was not overly emotional before.

If you would ever like to talk to someone i can listen. Even if you dont want to ask any questions. Just give me a message.




Did you find someone who could answer you question?

Have you found a consultant that will listen to your personal needs?


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