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Period? Worried? Where is it?

Hi all,

I had my first lap on the 9th of June and that's where they removed my appendix. It ended up being a burst cyst with 100mls of free blood and that day I had the lap was the day I got my period. Since it ended on the 15th of June I haven't had a period since then. I'm stressing out, I hope they didn't ruin anything in the operation as they weren't specialized in gyne related stuff as they thought it was just my appendix!

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Are you definitely sure it was a period you had?( Just with saying there was free blood) also the more you worry it will delay your period. Xx

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That's the thing I don't know if it was my period or the blood from the burst cyst? However, on the day it bursted I started to bleed, they also operated on me while I was bleeding down there. When I came out of surgery I was still bleeding for another 5 days so that's what makes me think it was my period. Could it be blood from the burst cyst?


It could possibly be yes. Just keep an eye on things. If you have a diary look through and see if you can find your last period. Just keep things written down for a bit and see. Xxx


Oh really and even though I was bleeding for 5 days in total it could of been the burst cyst! I wonder where my period is, yep I always track my periods. My last one before June was in may and I had two periods in may


Just keep an eye on it as it could mean something different and as I don't know your age or other things about you, plus I'm not a dr but the amount of time I spend there i think they should staetc paying me to diagnose myself. Lol xxx

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I'm 22 years old. I'm all new to this as I only went to hospital last more for severe 10/10 pain in which they removed my appendix! It happened to be a chocolate cyst that bursted and left 100mls of free blood that they cleaned up. No docotors or surgeons mentioned endometriosis to me. I went for another ultrasound last month and that's where they discovered another cyst on my right ovary I'm going back in 3 weeks time to see if it's still there or not


Hi, I had a burst ovarian cyst on 3rd July. My period was running late and then the pain came when it burst and I ended up in hospital too. Luckily I kept my appendix as like you they thought it was that but scanned me and saw the free fluid and my ovary was large and because my blood results didn't mark infection put it down to cyst. They too said they felt it was a blood filled cyst due to pain and said my body would reabsorb the blood and that the pain I was still experiencing was due to that.

Anyway I didn't get my period until three days after the bursting and it was just like my normal period. I have just got to mid way in my cycle and feel I am ovulating again as normal signs but this time pain again.

I haven't been scanned since the initial diagnosis and I am almost three weeks down the line and still getting pain on and off. Really scared like you I have more cysts and another will burst. 😢

What follow up appointment have you been given?

My follow-up isn't until 8th November😬


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Hello Laura,

Thank you for your reply.

I got my period on Thursday so it was a few weeks late but not too late.

I have no pain thank goodness and it's normal bright red colour not a brown colour which I had last month when I had a burst cyst.

I also have another cyst on my right ovary that is 36 mm in size, I go for another pelvic ultrasound on the 10th of August, then on the 17th of August I find out the results of that ultrasound and to see if the cyst is still there or not. If it's not there then the gyne is putting it down to a hemmoraged cyst or a follicular cyst and those are ones that disappear on their own. If it's still their I need to get it removed through a lap. So I'm praying that is has disappeared by then. I also started the pill in which it helps to reduce cysts. I just never ever want to go through the pain of a burst cyst again it was the worst feeling in my life!!!!!

So did they say that the blood reabaorbs back into the body it if ruptures and bleeds?


Oh yes the pain is indescribable. I have been through childbirth but the cyst burst was worse than that!!! Do you live in fear of it happening again?

I am such an active person, going to the gym four times a week etc and this cyst burst has wiped me out for weeks.

Yes the body should reabsorb the contents of the cyst. My husband actually has an awful condition where he has cysts on his kidneys and liver and if they burst the body just reabsorbs the contents. The only thing to be aware of is infection. But you know when you have an infection.

They are monitoring you well with the scans. I have only had one on diagnosis and that was poor and only external as they were running late and didn't do internal. I was so high on morphine I could argue really. Does leave me concerned that they didn't look at my ovaries fully.

Do you have any idea how big your actual ovary was after the burst cyst? Mine measured 44mls, which is big according to info I have found.


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