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Had Lap..got early period..Prostap injection given 5th day of period... 2wks later another period!!! ovulation period or bad side effect

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Hi guys... Looking for some advice..... So tired n sick of stupid period!

Had Lap on 22 Aug + advised have stage 3 endo... Prescribed prostap injections...and surgeon advised these would stop periods completely... Hospital pharmacy didn't have injection so was sent home n told to get them from my own gp...my lovely period arrived early on 26th Aug and was very heavy with lots of cloths... Put this down to all the work done on my insides..

They remove 2large cyst from both ovaries and burn away all endo...my Gp didn't give me my injection until the 5th day of my period (30th Aug)..

The only side effect I appeared to have was terrible cramps for 3days... But now today just 10days after my period ending I am back to the heavy bleeding with cloths.... Haven't had decent nights sleep the last 2wks and am jus shattered tired at this stage from heavy bleeding....have banging headache as well but am so tired a decent nites sleep could cure that!

Jus wondering if this 2nd bleed could relate to my normal projected ovulation dates... Or is it jus a fluke that I started to bleed again the day ovulation would have ended.. Sorry so long winded..any advice be much appreciated.. thanks.

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P.s......surgeon only wants me on prostap for 3mts max...and told try for baby asap before endo fights back!! Got 1 injection that will last the 3mts... Not on any hrt meds or pain killers (other than panadol for odd headache).... Just hoping against hope the next 3mts aren't going to be one very long period!!!

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Hi, I have stage 4 endo.

I had 3 one monthly Prostap injections earlier in the year. I also had add back HRT to combat the menopausal symptoms.

I bled heavily continuously for the first month then lighter second month and third month spotting only. I then had 3 months of no period at all which was great. I would say pain wise I started to notice a bit of a difference by the third injection and was absolutely less painful during the three months I was period free.

I have now returned to bleeding every 18-21 days so may consider more Prostap in the future or I am also considering hysterectomy with excision of endo (I am 46 though only diagnosed last year after a melon sized endometrioma was discovered on my right ovary). I really hope you get some relief from the Prostap though my Consultant would not prescribe it without add back HRT....he said why put yourself through sudden onset menopause when it is not required.

Persevere with the Prostap. Good luck and keep your chin up xx

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Thank you for replying.... Am guessing with my luck I will be on for most of the next 3mts!! Had better stock up on iron tablets!!

Surgeon can't understand why I have never had severe pain as she said major amount of endo found...only ever had some back pain (which I put down to weight lifting at gym as only happened every now and then!) but now know this was because my ovaries were almost fused together! ... Am guessing it may not grow back in same area so next time around I could b bad wit pain... The emotional side of things for has been the killer as now know my chances of baby are slim... One blocked tube and bulky /heart shaped womb...doc says not impossible but that ectopic pregnancy or early miscarriage very likely... If either happens she may operate again to help chance shape of womb... But am 37 now n feeling like time will run out b4 anything positive could happen

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I was the same, I got to 45 not knowing I had endo. I did suffer terribly heavy painful periods but I just got on with it. I sought help because my periods had been very haphazard + I had for a year suffered period pain between periods. Thats when the endometrioma was found, laparoscopy then found extensive DIE.

Unfortunately we were given wrong advice in the past re fertility and options and have therefore not had any children, however, we have a nice life with lots of nieces and nephews which we can hand back!!

I am sorry to hear the position you are in re having children, it's such an emotional trauma this condition, however, do not give up hope....my friend had only one ovary/one fallopian tube and had her first baby at 43, 2nd at 45 + 3rd at 47.....all conceived naturally!! Never give up hope.

Hope you get some relief from the Prostap xx

Hi, I also had a lap on 22 Aug, have stage 4 endo (although told staging in pretty unimportant these days as stage does not correlate to pain, like you, never had any noticeable pain that I thought was unusual to period pains whereas some ppl with stage 1 are in crippling pain). I have been told to get IVF asap as most likely the only way I will conceive. What is the purpose of the injection? My dr mentioned it but if I'm hoping to conceive, wouldn't that defeat the point. Got appt on 22nd sept to discuss next steps.

I too bled after surgery - like a period but I put that down to surgery and am now experiencing the signs of a period about to start as I'm due on tomorrow based on my last period prior to surgery so hoping my periods regulate themselves quickly.

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My surgeon advised the injections were to stop me ovulating for a few months to give my ovaries time to heal after all the work she done removing cysts and endo.....but with me bleeding again like this I have no idea if my inside are getting any time to heal at all! She has told me to try and conceive asap as well as the endo could return as soon as 6mts time... Ivf not been mentioned to me as the Shape of my womb is a concern as well...heart shaped..very likely to have ectopic or miscarriage.. So I pretty much think I have to prove can get pregnant, if can't stay pregnant then they will operate again to help change the Shape of my womb..I suppose only then ivf mayb possible for me as mayb only then I could carry full term... It's all a lot to take in.. Think we all gotta hope for that wee miracle someday!

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Thank you for clarifying, gosh I've been to so many doctors with different opinions it can be confusing and frustrating as time goes on. I really hope you get some relief x

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