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Strange Period??

I have never had any problems with periods being heavy its always been the opposite another reason why it took so long to be referred to a gyno. I have endo had a lap op down on the 1st still in lots of pain and still lying in or on my bed as i cant move about much at all. I woke up the other morning with period cramps the usual painful twisting and though oh god here goes. 7 days early as well but i went to the loo as you do and yes it was the start of my period but then it stop almost as soon as it came and the period cramps were gone next evening. Has anyone else had this?? I wasnt sure if maybe it wasnt my period coming and was something from after the op.


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Nothing surprises me anymore with endo periods!

I have had floods that have been relatively easy to manage followed the next month by a few days of light bleeding that has me reaching for the spatula to do a kitchen-hysterectomy!

As you say it was period like pain I'd say it probably was your period. You may find things are a bit out of synch for a while as a lap and GA will mess with your cycle.

Take your time, recovery can take a bit of time but try and move about as much as you can x



Thanks for your response :) , i said to my doctor today but i wasnt given any answer for it just looked at as if i was being silly. It was honestly like my period all the usual period cramps/pains were there but nothing more came of it. Still havent had anymore come of it. Im making myself move about even if its wee walks to and from the kitchen. xx


Came back again this morning but yet again has gone almost as soon as it came. No idea whats going on xx


I had no period for the first two months after my lap, but had pain and a light pink loss for a couple of days. It really does take longer than you think for your body to settle down I am nearly 9 months since my op, and still not right. Definately try to walk everyday it helps the healing and circulation. Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks for your reply, ive managed a bit more walking about today but tonight im on loads of pain so maybe pushed it to much. My period cant think what else to call it the 2 times this week hasnt been pink/red its been near black/very dark brown sorry if to much info but as i say appear then go away soon as it comes. Ive marked it down when its appeared in a diary just to keep track on it see when i will return to a normal cycle. Hope you ok and feel better xx


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