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I'm very much stuck. I don't know what to do.

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I'm 24, I'm 8 months into waiting for a diagnostic laparoscopy.

I had the mirena coil fitted a month and a half ago, I've never done well with contraceptive methods but I figured anything to mean I can stop taking so many painkillers or at least stop with the codeine and tramadol. Although the pain is less frequent, majority of the time, it's worse. When it's there it's close to 9, and I haven't had it that bad since I had a cyst 6 years ago, on top of the pain I bled for 30 days and that only stopped because I've been having to take Medroxyprogesterone. The doctors have now said I probably have BV because of the amount of hormones.

I just want to be intimate with my partner, we were a month into our relationship when everything kicked off and this definitely ended the honeymoon phase fairly fast! But I've been wearing panty liners for almost two months so I don't bleed through or so my discharge doesn't soak through my pants!

Had anyone else had this kind of experience with the coil? I don't know what to do anymore, I'm comfort eating and crying every time someone asks me how I am! I have reached feeling pathetic.

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I had these side effects with the coil and had it removed after 8 months. I felt like I had given it a good try but it was making things worse, not better xxx

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I know it hasn't even been 2 months, but I really don't feel like we are getting along. I'm fairly sure I will start bleeding again once finish my course of progesterone, just doesn't feel worth it.

Thank you.

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I had mine for 8 weeks before it was taken out because I bled constantly and was having issues with anaemia. Sometimes it is fantastic, but sometimes you aren't in a position to wait for it to start working, which can take months. Please see your GP or consultant and ask for help - if you want it removed, your GP can do it for you, it takes seconds and I personally didn't find it painful at all. x.

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No one will blame you for removing it. Hats off to you for trying it. My gynea for some reason decided against progesterone for me. I went against him and tried the mini pill before my surgery! Not only did i have to stop it 2 weeks before they operated so they could operate, i was actually hospitalized 4 days after stopping it with a new found right side pain (before this i only had left side endo). And yep at surgery i had endo all over, left and right. Sometimes treatments dont work. Upto now everything has failed on me, but im on my second course of Zoladex. Even the combined pill causes me to breakthrough constantly and the way i see it, if youre breakthrough bleeding, so is your endo!

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