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21 & really worried

Hi I'm 21 and just been told I may have endo. My symptoms have been pain during going to the toilet and bleeding from the back passage after going toilet only during my menstrual cycle. I have no pain any other time and it is only when going to the toilet I have the issue. Did anyone else have this and was it minor endo? My main concern is I won't be able to have a family of my own, everywhere I seem to read it says about infertility. I don't want that taking away from me.

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Endometriosis doesn't mean you'll not be able to have children, lots of ladies with endo go on to have children (or already have them when they are diagnosed). Try not to worry because in all likelihood you will be able to have children.

What are your periods like? Are they heavy or painful? Are you having tests/operation for diagnosis? X


Thank you for reassuring. My periods are normal and have always been. I'm having the camera inserted just waiting for a date to come through. X


hey i'm also 21 and been told that I might have endo. It can cause fertility problems but ive read that even for women who have problems getting pregnant, there are many treatment options to help increase fertility! good luck with your laparoscopy x


My endometriosis also manifested itself with shooting pains from my bum when I sat down or went to the toilet. Apologies for the graphic description but like I'd sat on a poker. I did have some complications with my fertility, mainly due to the scar tissue that had formed on my fallopian tubes, however I was also 30 years old and had not been diagnosed for many more years than you. And, I do now have a beautiful baby girl fast asleep upstairs. An early diagnosis is key and you are already in that process.


I have 2 children both conceived in my thirties. My endometriosis symtoms started in my late twenties with chronic pains about an hour before a bowel movement and then a white knuckle ride on the loo (only before and during my mensturation). Such weird and personal symptoms I was embarrassed and didn't tell anyone for a couple of years. When I did, lwas unfortunately treated as IBS.

Your early diagnosis is good, they can keep an eye on any recto vaginal adhesions this pain may point to. Do mention your condition to all medical personal at all stages of any pregnancy, midwives etc. I feel very strongly that my undiagnosed endo led to my emergency c section with my daughter and a planned one is much less traumatic.

Good luck

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