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Worried... Colposcopy and new pains!

Hi all.

I have a lap scheduled for 1st June to diagnose my pains, which have varied from deep groin pain and lower back ache one week, to sharp pains in what I believe is the ovary area and a few other symptoms such as sometimes bleeding after sex and pain during deep sex.

I had swabs and a smear done at the hospital where they decided a lap was the next option but I've now just been told (without explanation) that I've been referred for a colposcopy... I've asked for the reason as usually is because of abnormal smear but I'm only 21 and am now terrified that it is something far worse despite a clear ultrasound and being told my cervix and ovaries/uterus etc all look really healthy. I just wondered if this could be being done just as further investigation as a thorough measure by the hospital, as the gyno I saw didn't seem too convinced by the endo despite having spoken with other ladies who say my symptoms exactly mirror theirs! Any reassurance or advice on this would be great!? 

I've also now over the past 3/4 days started to experience really sharp pains in my hips/lower back to the left and right. It's almost hard to pinpoint the area but it will come suddenly and feel like a sharp stabbing throbbing pain and sometimes goes into my leg. This is fairly new for me as about a week ago my main pain was in my right groin and leg with lower back ache, now the pains seem to keep changing and going to different places. Is this typical of endo? My symptoms seemed to appear suddenly after sex a few months ago and new ones keep appearing. I have no STI's, clear ultrasounds and swabs just showed thrush sadly :( just a big worried mess at the moment! 

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Hi Haych9,

I have not yet been diagnosed and have my lap coming up in May.

When I first saw my gyne in November last year he sent me for a Colposcopy just as routine to check all was ok.  I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure you will be fine.

Fingers crossed all goes well and you get some answers from your lap.

K x


Thank you for this. Considering it was my first smear and they decided to do a colposcopy I did get worried but hopefully they're just covering all grounds! Thanks for your reply and good luck with your lap! X


I panicked too as it was only my second smear test! I would just say you should take some pain killers with you as it can be a little uncomfortable, I struggle with internal examinations but I am sure you are probably stronger than me!  

Thank you and good luck to you too :-) x


Haha I wish, I've been a huge wimp with it all and the cramps after the smear were terrible!! You've really put my mind at ease though, thanks! Please let me know how you get on! X


Then you will definitely need painkillers ha!  I also had my boyfriend with me to drive just in case I couldn't.

I will do!  Same to you, let me know how it all goes xx


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