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Suspected endo, am I in the right place - anything else i should be doing?

Hey all, 

Ive been suffering with very painful periods and pain and bleeding during/after sex for years, and now I have this on/off excruciating stabbing pain coming from my lower abdomen. I also have bowel problems with constipation and diarrheoa cycles, with pain and discomfort daily. Passing wind or going to the toilet usually gives me some relief from the pain. The last few weeks have been absolute hell! I had internal and external ultrasounds which came back clear, but I went for my gynae appointment today, and she suspects endo. She couldn't feel any nodules but said that where i was experiencing pain (at the neck of the womb) was typical for endo and a lot of my symptoms matched. So she is sorting me out with a lap. I was wondering if anyone had experienced symptoms like this, and found them to disappear or for it turn out NOT to be endo? I'm 25, and studying at uni, with my exams coming up, and this has been so stressful, I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing with going ahead with the lap. 

Also has anybody ever had experience with the gynae department at the Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield? Am I in good hands for a lap there? 

Freaked out and pretty worried :(

Any advice will be super helpful so thanks in advance!

Kat x

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If someone asked me to write down my symptoms word for word... I could copy and paste what you've just wrote. Everything you've described is exactly how I feel. I saw the specialist today for suspected Endo and I'm not waiting for a diagnostic laparoscopy. I'm also the same age as you and I sympathise with you because I've just finished uni and k know how hard it can be. A daily struggle while your trying to act normal and keep up with the workload. Xx


I'm so sorry to hear you have similar symptoms. Tonight I've been finding the pain has been radiating down into my bum. So horrible. Do you know roughly how long you have to wait for your Laparoscopy? I don't know whether to put up with the pain and get through this last bit of uni or have the laparoscopy after my exams! How long have you had these symptoms for? Xx


I get that too... It's like a pressure pushing down from my lower abdo, into my back, bum and tops of my legs! I feel your pain. It's horrible :( I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I was told today it will be within the next 6 weeks... I put up with the pains to get through uni. I had a really severe flare up on the morning of one of my exams and I spoke to uni. They looked into extenuating circumstances as I was waiting for my referral for possible Endo but it gets complicated when you haven't actually had a diagnosis. Maybe speak to your lecturer about it. Has your GP referred you yet? It's difficult to say what to do. I waited until after uni but now I've ended up having loads of time off work because of the pains... So I worked so hard to get my dream job and now I'm off sick. 

I've always suffered with my periods since I was about 14. I hd a coil fitted 8 years ago to help with symptoms. It was wary 2013 that they appeared again, month by month they seem to be getting worse. To the point now where the pain comes on out the blue and it that severe I can barely move.

Hope you start to feel better soon xx


Ps. Your Heath comes first...... Always! So get yourself better :)


I'm so sorry you have this but it's weirdly relieving to hear somebody suffering from the same thing? I think I have decided to medicate myself through the rest of this term and have my lap as soon as exams are over. Do you find anything in particular helps with the pain? I tend to find mine is worse in the morning and at night, and eases a bit in the afternoon. Although it can be pretty random too. 

But there is hope... my mum has end too, although with slightly different symptoms and quite mildly, but when she had hers removed she immediately got pregnant (with me) and has managed to remain relatively pain free ever since! 

I'm now just facing a daunting next few months as I'm sure you are too. If you ever need to moan about it with someone who totally gets it, you can always just message me here.  xxx


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