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Endo or something else??

I'm really worried if I Have endometriosis or not, I have really bad abdominal/pelvic pain like every day , and my period is so painful the first few days, ive also been having bladder pain just recently as well, my mom was just diagnosed with it during her surgery with polyps. Shes 48 and I don't know if shes had it for a long time and didn't know or just got it in her menopause stage. What concerns me is she was very infertile and was struggling to have me and she had to get shots everyday and do hormone therapy so I feel like shes had it since a teenager and just got worse. I tried to talk to obgyn and doctors about it and say I'm too young ?? I need help!

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This is the article you need to read endo-update.blogspot.co.uk/... Show it to your obgyn and doctors. Actually, no don't bother. They are clearly stupid. Find better doctors.

I think you are in America due to time of posting and the word "obgyn". Have a look at Aubree Diemler's great blog Peace With Endo peacewithendo.com/ and read her great book From Pain to Peace With Endo. She's in Colorado. She has lots of great ideas and strategies on how to overcome endo without drugs or surgery. She has been very successful at treating her endo by a variety of different means involving change of diet, change of lifestyle etc. Your mum will benefit from this too even though she has already had surgery.

When it comes to surgery please find a skilled surgeon who specialises in endo. General obgyns are insufficiently experienced.

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HI there, from what I have read on here and other forums, you are not too young. I believe it can start when your period starts. There are some good links on this site to info on endo. Try and get as much info as you can so you can ask the right questions when you find a good endo specialist that believes you and can help you.

Best wishes to you and your Mumx


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