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Cervix sore at the opening when touch. Really worried. Endo symptom or something else?

Hi, my cervix hurts when I gently touch it with my finger - I've just started checking my cervix position to note changes through the month and I'm due my period any time now or tomorrow so it's lower so today is the first time I've been able to reach it. I was very careful not to prod but when I touched the opening to the womb in the middle of the cervix, it was quite sore, even though I was touching very lightly. The pain went as soon as I stopped so it's only when I touch it that it hurts.

I've just read that cervical endo is quite common which I hadn't heard of before but I'm unable to find pain on the cervical opening as a symptom. (I'm awaiting a Lap with excision for endo and see my gynae again 26th June). I'm really worried, although my last smear was Apr last year and am 39years old and they've all been clear before. My endo prev was in the pouch of douglas and the left uterosacral ligament).

I definately know it was my cervix as I could feel the delve in the middle where the opening to the womb is (and this is where it hurts). Can anyone advise? x

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Can anyone help cos I'm really worried? I can't even get to docs for next few days cos am due on any time now. xx


I do have the same problem but unfortunately I don't have any answers yet I'm awaiting a hetroscopy and lap so will update if and when I get any joy! Xx


Hi Yazza, thanks for replying. I would have pain during sex but think that's more cos my endo is behind the womb, but touching my cervix with my finger right where the opening to the womb is feels really sore. Is this what you mean or do you mean through sex, if you don't mind me asking lol! Sara xx



Pain in your cervix could be due to a number of reasons. It could be due to endometriosis of the cervix, a polyp or inflammation of the cervix.


You really need to get this checked out by your GP.



No not just intercourse which I may add is non existent right now but also to touch the gyne tried to retrieve my coil but the pain was just to much! X


I had to have a mirena coil removed, as my body rejected it (by going into what felt like labour contractions) - my cervix hurt for ages after. It might be the coil causing it Yazza!


It could be a cervical ectropian, otherwise known as cervical erosion. It is harmless and majority of women get it at some point.


I had it and the doc cauterised it with silver nitrate, pretty much painless. It is all good now x


Hi Magnetta, glad you're ok now. Was yours more painful at certain times of the month, say like when you're due a period?

It's just when I posted this I was due on later that day and it really hurt, but was fine when off my period and the rest of the month. And yet again, I'm due on next couple days and it's hurting again....

I've got endometriosis so did wonder if it's endo related and I'll watch the doc you linked to so thanks for that and I'll look into it but was yours worse or the same all month? Sara x


Hey Sara

It is hard to say because I am still waiting for endo diagnosis (lap on Wednesday) but my main symptom of the cervical erosion was bleeding during sex. I also have severe pain during sex but that is most probably endo... If I do have it! Sorry I can't be more help but do take a look at the link, it might reassure you x


No you have helped, and I'll watch that ch4 link definitely. Hope all goes well for Wednesday. Ta again. Sara xx


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