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Random symptom #101 severe bleeding from back passage - endo related or something else?

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Sorry if this is a bit tmi - I'm not overly worried as I'm only 28 and bleeding from the bum isn't likely to be anything sinister. It is concerning because of the amount of blood I've passed, with or without bowel movement, everytime I go to the loo!! Toilet was literally full if bright red blood late last night, hubby thought I was dying & said a&e immediately it really looked that bad! Obviously I didn't go just incase it was something silly, like piles. Although my mums had that before & she never bled to that extreme. Still happening today and there's a little in my pants, I'm not on my period so I don't think it could be endo, I had a colonoscopy only a year and a half ago and it was clear. I hav pains on the left side which I just assumed was endo (waiting on a lap it's bad at the mom). Anyway I'll phone the doc in the morning to get an appointment but has this happened to anyone else? What has the outcome been? Thanks ladies x

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Hiya yes it happens to me all the time and they said there must b endo there when I'm on my period I bleed from my bowel and have clots I thought it was normal but when I told the consultant he said no so waiting for my 2nd lap now, this endo taking over my life with constant leg and pelvic pain I'm 28 and really want children but it hasn't happened naturally so I've already had one cycle of IUI but didn't work so starting my next cycle this month

Thanks Thorbs, I really feel for you, I'm exactly the same, 28 and trying to get pregnant, only been 3 months now but so far no joy, I've been told its unlikely until after I have the lap, wish theyd hurry the frig up in that hospital. Plus going off the pill has made it 10 times worse & its too sore for intercourse 99% of the time anyway. I'm the same too with pain, worried I'll have to give up work and everything, just hope the lap is soon. I went to the out of hours doc who didn't actually have a clue what was causing it, periods not due for a few week so it's strange, to be honest nothing surprises me about my body any more. I wish you all the best of luck for next month, I'll be praying it works for you this time, take care :-) xo

I was bleeding non-cyclically, although not as much as you are, due to bowel endo and adhesions pulling it out of place. If it is severe and non-cyclical you need to see your gyn or go to A&E asap. I don't want to scare you but there could be a tear in your bowel wall which needs immediate treatment in case it ruptures. It could just be haemorrhoids or a polip or the endo but you need to get it checked out just in case. The severe bleeding you're describing is not normal! When in doubt check it out! xx

Thanks Belfast rach this endo is awful I'm on constant painkillers and hot water bottles I struggle with work but in everyday in agony the shooting pain down my leg is terrible, when I had my 1st lap they found endo in my kidneys,Fallopian tubes, ovaries and my bowel was stuck to my pelvis but they said I should b better but I was exactly the same so waiting for my 2nd 1 now but it take 3-9 months I can't life like this do you get pain? The constant bleeding with u isn't normal I would def go back to ur go ASAP x

These posts are so interesting! I have sufferred with my bowel for years (along with my periods) and the doctors keep blaming ibs! I've had three colonoscopys now & all have been 'clear'. I have tried loads of different diets, cutting out certain foods, exercise, high fibre, you name it I've done it! I too have very heavy bowel bleeding (and sometimes mucus - sorry if that's tmi but I'm really keen to hear if anyone is in the same boat!)

how can I find out if it is endo in the bowel & is it treatable? Not sure if it's connected but I also get the shooting pains down my leg! This problem has plagued me forever!!

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