Hysterectomy next week!

I have got endo, adeno and fibroids, and have just been put on the waiting list for a total laparoscopic hysterectomy with a right ovarian cystectomy and excision of endo. I had a call from the hospital today and they have a cancellation so am going in next Thursday! Am a bit all over the place as was expecting a 10 month wait! Has anyone had experience of anything similar? Any advise you have to share would be most welcome as an feeling a bit overwhelmed at the mo! Thanks xx

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Wow that is a quick best of luck.

Take a look at hysterectomy associations website as lots of useful info and advice.

Biggest thing is not to lift and rest! You will be really tired anyway so just listen to your body and rest

Thanks Marcia, just had a look st the website, looks really useful xx

Certainly helped me through mine a couple of years ago.

I am almost 6 weeks post TLH. I also had my ovaries and tubes removed plus excision of the endometriosis. I have to be honest, expect the first month to be really tough. If you can, make sure you've got lots of food in the freezer that you can just heat up, as you will be extremely tired and sleeping during the day. Your bowels and bladder may also be a bit tricky in the first few weeks. There were some things I hadn't been warned about pre op - I had a drain in my abdomen for the first 24 hours (plus a catheter for 48, though I'd had one before so I knew what to expect for that). I had to self-inject with blood thinners for 12 days post op which was something I had no experience with, but I was able to manage it and it wasn't too bad. Painwise, after the first couple of days in hospital it generally hasn't been too bad and I didn't need as much pain relief as I was taking for the endo pain. You may have some bleeding but it should be relatively light (though watch for increasing bleeding that smells, as this can indicate infection).

If you've got any specific questions please ask and I'll try to answer them as best I can.

Thanks do much for your reply, the timing of this isn't great but never mind. I have my best friends wedding four weeks after op, based on your experience, do you think I will be ok for that?? I had a c section three years ago and had to do the injections, it's horrid! So not looking forward to that again. Did they take both ovaries? Are you experiencing any menopause symptoms? Hope your feeling well now and that things continue to improve for you X x

Personally I wouldn't have been able to do it at 4 weeks - when they say 8 week recovery it really is 8 weeks. Maybe best to leave yourself the option to not go if you're not well enough.

My surgeon said it was 4 weeks as it was lap and 8 weeks if full abdominal, or maybe I imagined that!! Blimey ok, I am doing a reading so need to try to be there, oh dear! Xx

I have to say I think the surgeon is being optimistic :/ I was told 8 weeks to feel OKish and 3 months to feel back to normal although I did have extensive bowel surgery as well. But at 4 weeks I could not stand up for long because the wound in my vagina would hurt, I was very tired, and my bowels have been somewhat unpredictable since the surgery (which I understand is quite common after a hyst) so I couldn't be far from a loo.

The best of luck with your op, try website hystasisters for tips on recovery I found it very useful.

Hi lwp75

I'm a week behind joreilly with the same op. A laparoscopic hysterectomy might be a 4-6 week recovery but add on time for the repairs and as joreilly says the associated bowel and bladder recovery plus internal stitching. I am nearing 22 days now and ok to work for a few hours at home at my desk but haven't had the energy to venture out very far. Walking, standing and any effort just tires me out very quickly and aches sfter a while. If the wedding venue allows for a pre-call, maybe phone and see if they have a quiet place you can escape to if you need to and consider the option to attend part of the wedding.

Recovery from an emergency c-section under general seemed easier, however it was over 10 years ago. I'm in my late forties, so you may fare better.

Good luck

Thanks so much for your reply, I am 42 in a couple of weeks so not much difference! Think I was being a bit optimistic with my time scales then, oh dear! Will have to plan some different options. Thanks for sharing, hope your recovery goes well xx

Good luck to you too. I hope you do make it to the wedding. I think the hardest thing is making sure you don't do too much as you pay for it the following day.

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