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Partial hysterectomy

hi everyone i have decided after a discussion with my prof at gynae to have a hysterectomy but leave my ovaries , the same prof has done my past 4 laps as ive suffered with endo since i was 17 and am now 37, i am extremely lucky to have 2 sons and am so grateful for that.

I think i have had made the right decision as I am really ill at the moment with lots of symptoms my endo pain being one but I tend to ignore them as they are there all the time, i have unbelievable tiredness, aching, really run dow and feel dreadful but is this endo or something else? all my bloods are normal no anaemia or other things going on so maybe its endo causing these things ??? any ideas greatly recieved :)


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I too suffer with extreme fatigue, my consultant has told me that it is this horrible disease that causes this. I to am waiting for hysterectomy but am going to have the whole lot out. I have been on prostap for last 6 months and feel like a different woman. The only thing I can recommend is eat healthy diet, take a good multi vitamin and rest as much as you can.

what are your reasons for leaving ovaries behind?


Hi he said because of my age I didn't have a really in depth conversation with him as to how he would do it as he offered me another lap and then hysterectomy womb only in about 2yrs and I said yes to that then changed my mind and rang clinic back I couldn't see the point in 2 ops and just prolonging the final outcome of a hysterectomy.what are the reasons for your full hysterectomy ? :)


I suspect they are wanting to leave your ovaries as if they are taken you will go straight into early menopause. This can cause problems in both the short and long term and because of the endo there may have problems with HRT.

Hope this is helpful


Hi catcat, your symptoms sound so similar, my gynae who I trust totally explained that due to your body being in pain it makes you really fatigued and run down, also if your on strong painkiller they make you drowsy I've been on powder morphine for a while now.

I hope after your operation you get some relief, im 35 and not allowed a hysterectomy as I don't have any kids. I've been in constant pain for 12year but I try get on with things and try let Endo not take over my life. I wish you well :)

Senga x


hi cat cat, im going on 7 weeks now since having my ovaries and tubes removed!!! and its the best thing that ever happened to me! im 38 and like yourself i have two sons and now on hrt and i can honestly say its the best ive felt in years.But the decision is yours and every one is diffrent but just felt i would say what a diffrence its made to me.Goodluck for your op x


hi and thanks for your reply im so pleased it has been successful for you and you feel so much better, im really reasured by that, I think I will discuss full hysterctomy with my consultant as people seem to say thats better, did you have endo lasered off at the same time as your hysterectomy? and how has your recovery been, as bad as you thought? thanks so much x


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