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Coil Removal and Other treatments

Hi, I'm wanting some advice before I go to a new GP.

I had a Diagnostic Lap 6 months ago where they found a small bit of Endo and cleaned up some old scar tissue, after the OP, my surgeon said to me that they can't say they 100% got rid of all the Endo, because there are small places that can't always be reached and seen (is this true?)

During the Op I had a mirena fitted which has caused nothing but problems since. Its never settled in, spotting and outright bleeding for nearly 4 months with 2 very sharp, painful, very tiring periods in the following months.... I want it out! last time I spoke to the Dr, he said wait longer and just upped my pain killers...

I'm about to join a new practise because I've moved and would like to talk treatment options other than the Coil, I can't have any oestrogen because of terrible migranes, what other options are there for me? I want to be informed before I go the GP!

thank you ladies x

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Mini pill is your only other treatment option! Funny enough i cant have progesterone .. Ive been put on the combination pill!


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