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Coil removal after 10+ years to try for a baby


I have had the coil (several) in for over 10 years, no periods that whole time. I'm wanting to start trying for a baby this year and need to bite the bullet with having my coil removed. I'm coming to the end of my contract in my current job and currently looking for a new job. We are going to need to wait 6 months once i'm in a new job to start trying. Just so that I am able to get statutory maternity pay. I'm wondering when to have my coil removed. I don't want to have it out too long before we start trying as i'm worried how much i will be suffering with my periods. But also worried how long my periods will take to come back. Any advice would be really appreciated.

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Personally my periods are still messed up from having the coil removed in October, but everyone’s bodies are different, I suggest talking to your GP first and/or starting prenatal vitamins now to get your body’s folic acid stores built up x

I don't have the coil, nor come off it but I was on the combined pill for over a decade and found that having a cycle tracking app definately helps to start logging cycles using basal body temp and LH tests, spotting, periods, any other symptoms, so that you can keep track of your cycles just in-case they're a bit off. Mine took a good 6 months to settle.

The app that you then use can calculate your cycles and fertile days so when you're ready you're already prepared and know you. If that makes sense.

There's lots of free ones out there, I use a subscription one as it's more accurate, picking up on irregular cycles, long / short phases, additional symptoms etc.

Why wait 6 months though ?i did the same thing as you waited for maternity and I’m still not pregnant and had a misscarrige endo is so unpredictable if you want a baby remove the coil whilst looking for a new job It could take a few month before you even get pregnant I’m only saying this as I I had that same mind set and things did not plan how I wanted I got pregnant in almost 6 month then lost the baby at 3 month leaving me with no maternity pay whatsoever and off work 5 months with endo pain you have to stop thinking of the perks like that and just think can you afford to have a baby ?have time of work etc cause you will need time off before maternity even starts no doubt due to morning sickness .is this your first baby ?

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And I would have rather have the time back than have waited for maternity pay I waited 2 years till I was settled in my job and worked my way up if I’d have not waited I would not be approaching 35 where it’s harder to get pregnant and now I have nothing to show for it if you want a baby what’s point in waiting it just gets harder

If you have the mirena, I'd suggest you get it out now while you're between jobs and see how you feel. There is no point spending another 6 months effort into a brand new job, then you may feel disgusting after that, like I did when i had my mirena out, because the endo had been growing while I had it in. My pain after it being removed was horrific. That was my experience. And I had it put in during a operation where I also had the endo burnt off, which is like giving the endo fertilizer, it grew alright, more than I originally had. But I didnt really know it had come back till I had my mirena removed, as the mirena dampens the pain. (If u do have endo that's grown back silently while you've had mirena in, that could make it difficult getting pregnant, so you may end up waiting a year or more from now). Then started a new job after having mirena out and that job was hell to hold down, because of my pains. I wasn't trying for a baby though. These pains didnt go, till I had another operation, which was 1.5 years after having mirena removed, so all that time I was suffering in pain not knowing what was wrong, sure enough, operation confirmed endo.

If it was me I'd just go on leave now, get mirena removed tomorrow and return to work when the kid is a few years old. Otherwise my body would be far to stressed from doing a job and having pain and trying to have a baby and doing 100 things at once, which may make it harder to get pregnant, possibly.

But you may want a job so you can have paid maternity leave, so I suppose it comes down to if you can afford to have paid leave or not. I wouldn't care about paid leave, same thing as being kicked out of a job.

But I may be sounding to negative, could get grounded in your new job, and get mirena out asap, and see how you go during the 6 months so you can take maternity leave as and when you need to. You could be fine. That way you can have another operation if you need to using sick leave, after 6 months into your job, depending on how the next 6 months treats you.

Your endo isn't going to get much better with time, unless you've had it all removed with skilled surgeon or you've got a really healthy lifestyle and it's all dried up. ??? It can still grow with mirena in.

Depends how long you've been struggling in your endo journey and how certain you are that you have endo in you right now or not. If you've had endo for years, try asap. Also depends on your age and how long you want to take risks.

I dont know, I hope you get on alright! Xxx

**Sorry, burning off the endo is like giving the endo fertilizer.


I finally booked to have my coil out next week. The whole and only reason for the waiting on trying for a baby, is that we cannot afford to not receive maternity pay. My partner is putting his foot down that we can't afford to have a baby on now maternity pay. I do need to sit down and look at our finances as I have looked into maternity pay and what it would consist of. I am aware that i don't know how long it will take. I'm 31, had 4 Laparoscopic surgeries to date ( mainly due to very large cysts). Last April I had a large cyst on my ovary that they started the ball rolling with surgery to remove it, when it burst itself. It did take me a good 6 months to recover from the cyst bursting. At the time my consultant mentioned that i might want to think about surgery to clear Endometriosis as it has been 4 years since my last surgery. I mentioned wanting to try for a baby and they said to try for 9 months and come back if no luck then. I'm feeling relatively healthy atm and recently started exercising regularly. With that said these comments have brought to the front of my head the fact that I have no idea how long it will take. My boyfriend does not seem to be as worried as me about how difficult and lengthy this pregnancy journey could be. I'm feeling alot of pressure on me to get a new job asap!

I think this would be good discipline, as you'll be working for 6 months, you can also be eating healthy foods and healthy exercise lifestyle to prepare for pregnancy and this in return will help to clear up possible endo in you during this time. This is whether you have the mirena removed or not.

If you have mirena removed now, it will only better prepare yourself to see how you feel sooner. Then give you 6 months to be as healthy and less sore as possible. Meal prep healthly meals a month in advance and be real organized so you can still work and manage your endo well and be healthy. If any other surgery's are needed then do them at 6 month mark into your job. Then recover, then wait however long before you can get pregnant, and still take maternity leave --- So you'll have to do your 'paid leave' homework here. I recommend this option, considering it's been 4 years since endo has last been removed. It's not like you've just had endo removed and you're all fresh.

Otherwise, have mirena out after 6 months, and see how you go. Just winging it. Which is a time game as a potential operation will push everything else out to a much later date.

You'll be fine.


Sorry, I am a mixed bag of feelings.

See my comments on this link about mirena pain after removal from my experience. I hope it explains why you'd possibly get pain after removal too:

I can not comment on being pregnant after coming off mirena sorry.


You don’t need to be 6 months into the job from the time you get pregnant. You only need to be 6 months into the job 15 weeks before the due date. So if you were only in the job 3 months before conceiving you would qualify for statutory mat pay if my maths is right.

Having said that, I needed surgery plus IVF to conceive. But miracles do happen!

If it was me I’d forget the job and concentrate on having a baby it may be a bit difficult but you will overcome it I’ve brought my shifts right down to one a week I want little stress from work and want to try for a baby I don’t want added stress for being sick etc I will still get my maternity if I get pregnant I’m lucky my company has been really supportive I wish you all the best x

Wishing you luck x

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