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1st lap update

I am about 15 hours post op, and I feel so relieved. Endometriosis was found along the left side, and I had adhesions on my colon. I don't know all of the details because he spoke with my mom while I was sleeping. I go in next week to look at my pictures and talk about next steps. It is such a relief to know that it is not all in my head. My spirits have completely lifted. I am not in too much pain, just bored. :)

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Hi Jazzyginge.

Great to hear it went well for you and hope now all your endo issues are resolved!

I was told yesterday I have suspected endo and have 1 week to decide about a lap. I have a few symptomsand it's been going on a while now. So much so I've started to think the way I feel is normal! I am 80% sure I want the op to be rid of all the pain but as they're never sure until the lap I'm thinking should I go ahead with it? What if they don't find anything? Then again the thought of them finding endo and removing all and being pain free is a lovely thought :-)

I hope your recovery goes well.



Thanks for the well wishes. I was terrified that they wouldn't find anything, and it would be pointless. So, I totally understand how you feel. Have they done an ultrasound yet, or out you on the pill? It is quite uncomfortable, but having an answer made it worth for me. I was in awful pain constently, and doing nothing wasn't an option. I think it is truly worth it, but just try not to think too much about what they may or may not find. I will be thinking of you. Contact me if you have any questions! :)

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That's great advice thank you 😉

I had a abdominal scan and internal yesterday to rule.out fibroids or cysts. I'm not on pill or anything. I can't take anything hormonal due to a blood clotting gene I have.

Did you have any of these symptoms too? I have all of these and seem to tick a lot of endo boxes but have been reading a lot on the Internet (not always the best thing to do I know) 🤔😟


Bleeding after intercourse


Abdominal pain

Pelvic pain

Burning sensation in thighs


Yes, mine were


Bad bad cramps

Leg cramps


Pain during intercourse

Back pain

Bowel issues


Long periods

My ultrasound didn't show anything either, I didn't have any endo on my ovaries or uterus.


I forgot to mention the bowel issues, intercourse discomfort and fatigue! Crikey there really are a lot of symptoms aren't there. Well let's hope we no longer have these symptoms after the lap ops! I'll keep an eye out for any more of your recovery posts and hope like you it works x


Let me know how it goes!!!! Good luck to you!


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