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Endo and IBS/IBD symptoms

Hi ladies hope you are well, I've been for a sigmoidoscopy today to follow up some IBD symptoms that started back at Christmas. I have anaemia and very low iron which has come on suddenly I now take iron tablets to control it but I'm yet to have a follow up of bloods to see if I am on the right dosage. I also have a borderline underactive thyroid they won't give me any meds until this has been checked again which is next week.

A&E have wanted to investigate as I have had constant diarrhoea with pain my GP thought it was appendicitis thankfully it wasn't but they thought with my temperature anaemia and iron levels it could be crohns. So to today and they put it down to IBS they can't explain the anaemia and iron levels or why it was a sigmoidoscopy not a colonoscopy.

Has anyone had these referrals when being diagnosed with endo? I have a lap scheduled for July should I mention this to my surgeon? I'm so confused about it all!!

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For years I was diagnosed with IBS and colitis. My new consultant a few years ago queried it and asked to compare slides with some new ones taken at colonoscopies. He didn't think I had it in the end. This co-incided with me moving GPs and my new GP felt I had endo from all the symptoms I listed so referred me to have a laproscopy and endo was found. It took years....


I've had a sigmoidoscopy but not a colonoscopy the guy who did the procedure was confused why only part of the bowel was being examined. I have been to see a specialist regarding endo and they have said it's there but the extent won't be known until he does the lap in July. These conditions are so confusing!


I totally agree with you. Endo can be linked to the bowel too. I saw my consultant last month for a lap and I was told at the consultation earlier in Jan that endo may have gone round to that area.


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