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Ibs diagnosis?

Hi went for my first appointment with the gyno today after being told by 3 different doctors that they thought I had endo, I have now also found out that it runs in my family, I went to the gyno who has told me I have ibs she has given me some tablets for it, but also told me to stay on the depo injection to help with the endo. I think she is competly wrong, she didn't ask any questions about anything to come up with this diagnosis. I'm planning to take the tablets and when nothing changes ask for a second opinion. Im so disappointed as I thought I was going to get some answers today and just feel as though I have just been palned off. My appointment latex a whole ten minutes! Has anyone else had this diagnosis?

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I've been going back and forth to hospital with endo and gps and they kept trying to tell me that I had ibs. it took a further six admissions to hospital and after loads of scans and various tests they triued telling mke I had ibs and gave me ibs medicine which didn't work, they also told me that it was period pain of which I have been on various different pain meds and ive had no luck im now waiting on going back to see a diff gynea at another hospital as theres a big differene in my opinion between endo and ibs.


They have given me tablets for it but I really don't feel that they are right, I'm thinking of taking the tablets to show willing and then going back for a second apinion are they still telling you that you have ibs?


the docs have given me several tablets for ibs as that's what they thought I had at first but now they know its endo so im on oral morph as ive tried so mant different tablets that my body now doesn't aloow me to take tablets. I would give the tablets the doc has given you and if theres no improvement in a couple of weeks then I would go back and ask for a 2nd opinion personally.


Yeah that's what I'm thinking of doing, thanks x


Hi there natalie92,

Your doctor's diagnosis maybe correct. The medication maybe more questionable. IBS and endometriosis as well as infertility in general are signs of your body malfunctioning. In all these cases what it means that your cells are on fire, your mitochondria are being destroyed (which is your power house) so the rest of the cells and organs are trying to survive by giving you the signs - hey your house is on fire. Probably it would be useful to put the fire out first, then restore the mitochondria and supporting flora to help you get to the point where you can begin to prepare for the marathon we call pregnancy and labour. Only then you might see the light and a happier future. If you are interested to find out more, send me an email or post your questions on the site. IC


Hi thanks for your reply, please could you explain? I dont understand what they believe these tablets will achieve? All I feel is worse, im think ling of carrying on takibg them just to rule it out x



Unfortunately it is a common occurence of women with endo to be diagnosed first as having IBS and then it takes a long time to actually get a diagnosis of endo.

IBS symptoms are quite similar and you can have IBS as well as endo esp if the endo is on or near your bowel because then it will be irritating it hence the I in IBS "irritable". It is the endo that is irritating the bowel. However a lot of gps are either not aware or ignorant of this well known fact that endo can affect our bowel habits and just write it off as not being the cause. IBS is not a cause, what is irritating it is the cause and should be investigated, yet gops like to use it as a full stop diagnosis.

I had to go to my gp again and was of course sent to a gastroenteroloist who said it was IBS and endo doesn't cause these symptoms...but I know they do from various sites about endo and the "endo for dummies" book.

I like you, have kept the peace and tried these tablets they give, allowing 2-4weeks to get them settled and with no luck. I am currently on Domperidone (Motilium) which has helped with the nausea quite a bit, which is what they are also used for, but I would say my bowels are no different.

At least your gyno said to keep on the injections for the endo, which sounds like they haven't totally written off it being endo. Have you had a lap yet? If not then yes do what you said but def keep going back and fighting it. Sounds wrong your appointment was only 10 mins! I saw one gyno who took I think 5 mins and said "some women suffer more than others, you just aren't lucky" and when I questioned could it be endo he just laughed! However a few years later I saw another gyno who was much better and I was with for I think about 30 mins who listened, did an examination and from that told me she was most certain that I had endo and was surprised I hadn't be diagnosed earlier.

I'm afraid it's the classic scenario for us women with endo, but keep fighting your corner as you know your body best. Hope they get things sorted for you. Hugs x


I was given an ibs diagnosis too but found that keeping a diary to show the pain fluctuates with my hormone levels helped.

Hope you get your diagnosis soon


I was thinking of keeping a diary, like you say squidy I know that my body doesn't feel right, my fiance was so disappointed when I came out of the appointment after ten minutes, she gave me the impression that she just wanted me out of there. I have started to take the tablets for ibs but they are making me feel sick and really drowsy and the pain seems to be getting worse rather than better. The gyno told me that my problems were not gyno problems, but surely if my gp thought to send me to her in the first place sje felt they are gyno problems. I'm just so confused, when I had my first real examinayion in a hospital it was them that first mentioned endo and told me to go back and tell my gp that's what they thought competly don't understand


I'm taking membervine x


hey try peppermint tea for the ibs 1 cup three times a day. Also if ur keeping a diary make a note of wat ur eating alot of endo sufferers have food intolerance. I gave up gluten lost weight and not so many bowel probs now even though I've a lesion sitting on it.

maybe d gynaecologist is thinking try sort one problem out at a time.

ps excuse my dodgy spelling have had chronic fatigue and brain fog last couple weeks and after having acupuncture today I'm really woozy


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