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Next steps? Full/partial hysterectomy

So, home from diagnostic lap and they found endo mainly around my ovaries. I was also meant to have a hysteroscopy and polypectomy and have coil fitted but they couldn't do these three things as my cervix was blocked with fibroids (they hadn't mentioned fibroids on my scan). The surgeon said there are three options at the mo, trying again with hysteroscopy under local (they have a smaller tube apparently?) but she said that would be painful, watchful waiting of the fibroids, polyps and cysts I have whilst having hormone injections to help endo pains, or surgery (endo excision and partial hysterectomy whilst removing fibroids/cysts etc). Whilst I don't fancy surgery, I am thinking this may be the best thing to get rid of all this stuff that's growing in me! Has anyone had full or partial hysterectomy and got any positive stories to share? Am 41 and family is done so not worried about it in that respect, also started having signs of peri menopause recently and mum had early menopause so although that worries me a bit it's not a major concern. Sorry about the long post, head is a bit all over the place! Xx

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Are they sure its fibroids blocking the cervix? I had the exact thing when they attempted a hysteroscopy, my gynae to!d me that he could not do hysteroscopy due to a fibroid blocking the neck of my womb. I then went to a private BSGE centre as I also have endo. So 2months after the first lap and failed hysteroscopy I had an investigative lap and hysteroscopy. When I came around from the anaesthetic the gynae informed me that what was previously thought to be a fibroid was in fact a polyp which was removed and sent to lab for confirmation. Result came back and was confirmed as a polyp. I do have multiple fibroids which is why the first gynae maybe thought it was a fibroid.


Thanks so much for replying, I was surprised she said fibroids as they hadn't mentioned that in either of the 2 scans I have had, only that there were polyps in my womb and cysts on my ovaries. They did a biopsy so will see what that says when I get the results. As far as I know the centre at the hospital is BSGE. I guess I will have to wait until my follow up in 8 weeks to find out more. Feels frustrating coming away with more questions then answers! Although at least I know I have endo which was somewhat of a relief to have a real explanation for all the pain xx


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