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Endometriosis diet books

Has anyone got any recipe books that are designed for endometriosis sufferers? I've read quite a lot online about how diet changes your pain and seen a few recipe books on amazon but want to know if anyone have any suggestions on which ones are best

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Google search endo recipes in amazon and you will see plenty. But use them with care there is plenty of misinformation and many have a USA or single source bias and not all info is accurate for the UK food industry so don't take it all on faith and do your own additional research using a range of reputable non commercial sources. In a nutshell dairy gluten and animal products are not meant to be so good nor is alcohol or coffee. Soya is controversial and the science is conflicting, several older studies saw it as negative due to it containing a weak oestrogen mimic but Japanese women have a low incidence of endo and high soya intake. The most recent study suggests a net neutral to slightly positive effect (a weak mimic is better than strong oestrogen given there is a limited number of receptors) provided it's non gm and organic but it continues to gets a bad press especially in the US . In general lots of fresh organic fruit and veg in particular foods good for your liver.

It varies by individual so a good approach is eliminating just one particular thing at a time for a whole monthly cycle to see if your pain reduces.



Thank you so much!! I have my op in two weeks so will see what my first period is like after that then each month stop taking one thing if that doesn't help then take out something else. It says so much to not have I would end up a celiac vegan!!

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Glad it's useful. Altering just one thing at a time is definitely best rather than an all at once diet. I had a veggie diet already and panicked about the soya thing when I first read about it. It took me a while to get past the misinformation to actual hard facts. I've eaten plenty for years, had little pain and only have one nodule so it can't be a big problem or I would be riddled with endo.

I found reducing my alcohol intake has helped so it's no a once a week treat ( my vice is red wine but it has oestrogen and alcohol makes demands on your liver) and I have cut out almost all dairy . I use alpro soya and oatmilk instead and Bute Island scheese (the nicest tasting cheese alternate in H and B, violife is a bit plastic tasting) .

I've invested in a good blender, buy frozen red fruit and now put smoothies on my breakfast cereal to boost my fruit intake which is an easy to do change.

I am trying to buy more organically in general, including shower gels and shampoos ( waitrose do a pure water lily range free of parabens and not too pricey that helps my allergies and IC).

I'm also trying out floradix iron supplement as my iron is borderline but it's too soon to tell if it's making a difference.


This reply is great. There are probably a few tweaks you can make to your diet which will benefit you than making dramatic changes during your treatment.

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I can recommend this e-book Understanding Endometriosis - naturalhealthpractice.com/U...

Also, the book, The Natural Health Bible for Women Book by Marilyn Glenville Phd, which covers the whole raft of women's health issues.

I have been seeing a nutritionist at her practice, in conjunction with my treatment for endo/adenomyosis and found their help invaluable.

Hope you find what you require x

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I've found this book helpful, by Carolyn Levett: Recipes & Diet Advice for Endometriosis: Comprehensive diet and nutrition advice to help reduce the pain and symptoms of endometriosis (updated in 2013).

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