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Endomitriosis Diet?!

Hello everyone,

I am just recovering from a laproscopy where they treated some of my endomitriosis and could finally confirm that that is what I am suffering with. Anyway I have read that most often laproscopy does not solve the problem but that sometimes altering the diet and taking suplements can help lessen or prevent symptoms. Has anyone had any experience with this? and are there any books you would recomend with information?

Thanks x

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Hi nainai21,

Not sure if this helps at all but when I thought my cyst had gone and was looking up everything I could to stop getting more, I bought these supplements - not sure at all if what they say they do will help with endo or any symptoms you've got but thought I'd post it anyway just incase it helps to look into:

Wild Yam - sisterzeus.com/wildyam.htm - says it helps with endo, menstrual cycles etc.

Black Cohosh - altmedicine.about.com/od/bl... - says it helps with menstrual cramps, hot flashes and other things.

Evening Primrose Oil - nccam.nih.gov/health/evenin... - says it can helps with the menstrual cycle, PMS - but on the other hand says it doesn't :)

Chasteberry Fruit - webmd.com/vitamins-suppleme... - whole heap of cycle benefits apparently.

I took some for a while, not sure any helped - but they probably didn't harm what I wanted them for, I'm just useless at keeping up with taking tablets.



Hi Kim,

Just to let you know that I had been taking evening primrose oil until my dietician told me that its actually not great for us endo ladies. It's high in omega 6 which is normally fine but its actually omega 3 that we want. If there I an excess of omea 6 then it's broken down into the component parts which actually include the building blocks for prostaglandins which are responsible for a lot of the pain associated with endo. Omega 3 does not have the same pathway so there is no risk of it increasing pain. I stopped taking it and switched to mega EPA which is pure omega 3




Hi Ducky,

Ahh, thanks for letting me know. I'd started taking again so will stop and look at getting mega EPA. I'm still waiting to find out what I have but it can't hurt to try and be better and reduce symptoms somehow.

Thanks again, Kim


I've just started drinking Green Tea today, as I've heard it's good for other things to, and I found this to do with endometriosis:


Hoping it works.



I'm a big supporter of the endometriosis diet, I find it really makes a difference to symptoms especially bloating and pain. It's quite strict so takes a bit of getting used to but worth it, when I started I thought anything was worth a try. This explains a lot of it: endo-resolved.com/diet.html

There is also a book by Carolyn Levett, Recipes for the Endometriosis Diet which is a good start for the diet.

Take time with your recovery, look after yourself and good luck!


Hi niania,

I've been in the endo diet now for the last 6 months, it's very strict but well worth it. I still have pain but its definitely helped, I don't get madly sore boobs now which I use to have for a least the week before by period, my pms symptoms have cleared up and my mid cycle ibs type symptoms have cleared up too. Living well with endometriosis by Kerri Ann Morris I another book you might look into reading. The endo diet is supposed to reduce the levels of estrogen you put into your body from external sources and also help your body to regulate its own levels, boob pain and pms symptoms are big indicators of too much estrogen so from my expeience it definitely does do what it's supposed to. If you need any pointers feel free to ask, I have a world of recipes and have tried a lot of different things to find good substitutes.

Good luck



Thank you everyone for all your help :) xx


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