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Diet for Endometriosis


I have recently started to be more aware of what I am eating since having endo diagnosed, as the pain and bloating I can get from eating the wrong foods can have such an impact on how I feel. For example, I have heard soya is bad as it encourages estrogen.

Can anyone please share some tips on what they have found helps them or even triggers feeling worse.

Any useful places anyone knows of to maybe print a diet sheet out? I would very much appreciate.


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I tried something called a low fodmap diet to help me figure out what was causing me my issues as i found there was nothing out there to help with endometriosis, they have a website with lots of information, recipes and print off sheets. It is mainly for IBS issues but may be of help if you have never heard of the diet before :)

kittykins7 in reply to ilytotoro

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the tip. I’ve never heard of that before and just googled it and there’s lots of info and recipe ideas. Thanks great I’ll print some out and give them a try. X

I have been reducing gluten and dairy which is miserable but it does seem to help me!

kittykins7 in reply to MJD1712

Hi there,

Yes gluten and dairy seem to come up all the time. Ive been trying out various gluten free bread , not a patch on normal bread but definitely makes a difference. Haven’t cut dairy out yet so I think that’s next to try. X

Hi, there is something called the endo available on amazon. It recommends cutting dairy, gluten, meat soy, alcohol and caffeine. I found it a bit overwhelming and wasnt keen on basically going vegan

Ive not gone as extreme, i know others have. I try to stay away from processed foods, gave up red meat 2 years ago. I dont have a lot of dairy and too much bread is a killer. I find for me moderation is key. You might be better to eliminate a group at a time then slowly reintroduce it to see what causes your bloating.

I swear by peppermint tea when bloat happens and i take magnesium supplements to help with cramping.

kittykins7 in reply to cjampot

Hi there,

Thanks so much for all the tips. Yes that’s a good idea about eliminating things in stages and reintroducing things. I’ll have a look for the book as well. I suppose it’s all about finding recipe ideas that you enjoy. I do have a nice green soup I make so that’s a start!

Yes I’ve just got myself some magnesium but it’s the spray that you spray on the soles of your feet, I got the one with aloe in to prevent itching it can cause. I’ve also ordered some vitamin b12 and d3 which might help with tiredness and aching. And the thing I’m most looking forward to trying, I’ve ordered some cbd oil that has been suspended in peppermint oil (as the cbd oil has amazing reviews for easing pain related to endo) and with the peppermint oil that like you say should also help with the bloating.

Thanks so much for your help. I’ll have a look for that book on amazon x

KNJR4 in reply to kittykins7

Hi Kittykins, I’ve been wanting to find a CBD oil for cramps and hopefully 🤞to help with the IBS that coincides with my endo. I used CBD oil in the US years ago and found it helpful. Where did you find the peppermint/CBD blend and how do you take it?

kittykins7 in reply to KNJR4

Hi Kristin,

I did some research online and went for a company called pure kana. They are voted as one of the best. I got pure cbd oil and they do 3 varieties 1 is normal, other is vanilla and 3rd is peppermint. Have a look on their website. I ordered mine last week and it took a whole week to come. I got it yesterday and have started using it, but I have to play about a bit to get the right dosage. It has already reduced my anxiety in just a day of taking 2 drops morning and evening.. looking forward to feeling reduced pain soon hopefully. Let me know if you have any more questions x

Hi Kitty,

For me, it's not so much a case of completely cutting things out but being really careful of how much I have. That said, I'm quite strict when it comes to wheat/gluten as I found a few years ago that I felt so much better when I didn't have too much of it. I'm also super careful with dairy - rarely have milk, but I do love cheese, though I tend to go for lactose free which seems to help, if I have milk, tends to be nut milks or the lactose free stuff. I don't drink caffeinated coffee anymore, stick to decaff and also pretty exclusively drink redbush tea as its naturally decaffeinated. I don't drink much alcohol anyway, but try to stick to spirits when I do (usually vodka or gin with a mixer). I haven't cut out meat/poultry completely, but don't have it as often, find fish is good though; finally, I'm really careful with refined sugar too. Pulses/legumes are thought to be good because they're high in protein, and fruit/veg is good too. Basically, as much plant based as you can, and try to make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

All that said, it's very much a personal thing. It's a case of trial and error, you have to find what works best for you.

Hope it goes well for you and you feel better xxx

Hi Claire, thanks for all the really useful info. I’ve just started on some gluten free stuff, decaf t and lactose free milk and cheese like you have suggested. Your right it is trial and error and will take a while to get it right. Really appreciate the tips x

Ive reduced / cut out alot of dairy wheat and sugar which has helped me loads!!!

kittykins7 in reply to Rehanat

Thanks for the tip. I enjoy my morning coffee too much without sugar in, so I’m looking for a good sugar substitute. Any ideas? Or do you think brown sugar will be ok? Luckily i don’t take sugar in my tea! X

U dont have to cut oht completely just reduce it- i have such a sweet tooth i still have the odd cake/biscuit lol

Lol that sounds more like something I might stick to now. You do have to have a little treat every so often your right. X

Hi there, I cut out dairy, gluten, soya, caffeine, red meat and refined sugar (although this is one aspect I allow myself some slack on, because everyone needs a bit of cake now and again :)). It made a huge difference to my symptoms and massively reduced the bloating. There are some great cook books called one part plant written by Jessica Murnane who is a fellow endo sufferer and also Deliciously Ella’s range. Both focus on plant based recipes and will give you inspiration to the gluten/dairy free world xxx

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