Diet for endometriosis?

Hi, the symptoms I have are the same as most of you ladies. I was wondering whether any of you could suggest the diet and whether you have seen any improvements since starting one? What to avoid eating ? I seriously cannot live like this any more with this pain - I hate my life

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  • Hi Angie, I have recently started a diet after seeing a nutritional therapist and she recommended the "Taking Control of Endometriosis" book by Henrietta Norton which I've found brilliant. I reduced the amount of wheat I ate years ago but have now cut out wheat and sugar. I am already vegetarian and do not drink caffeine either. I have increased the amount of protein I eat (as this helps with recovery and repairing your body) as well as increasing green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. I had a lot of problems with bloating and constipation and the result of changing my diet was noticeable within days. I hope that helps. I cant recommend a diet change enough. An example of what I eat would be a smoothie for breakfast (frozen berries, milk, oats, peanut butter and seeds blended), lunch: salad with beans, spinach, tomato, organic egg, quinoa etc. and then dinner I have made a vegetable chilli with kidney beans and chickpeas, carrots, green beans, aubergine, mushrooms etc and brown rice. I am starting to feel slightly more in control after feeling very out of control since I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis in December. Good luck

  • "stage IV endo"? I was not aware there were stages in endo... where could i find out about this? thanks... :)

  • It's what I was told by my consultant - if I understand correctly it relates to how deep/ infiltrating the endometriosis is. There are stages I (mild) - IV (severe).

  • well that makes sense...

  • my girlfriend has quit gluten and has felt better in just a couple of weeks!! wheat too seems to bring on the pain...

  • Hi good morning, they say for you to eat everything in moderation, but wheat, alcohol and caffeine, irritates the endometriosis and dairy, red meat have oestrogen in them so makes the endometriosis build up. There are diet books on amazon really cheap and vitamin's and minerals that help your body that you may be lacking to take to help build on immune system etc but it is different for everyone so if you are desperate and want to try do it!! Hope this helps!! X

  • For me I treated the IBS symptoms of endo and added supplements. There isn't a need to buy fancy ingredients, just adjust and substitute. Bread and pasta are aggravating so I cut them out and still.enjoy cheese - just feta, goats cheese, parmesan etc to avoid the hormones in cow milk. I don't drink much coffee but use organic milk and brown sugar when I do, almond milk in shakes/smoothies. Drinking aloe vera juice and using a turmeric supplement was lifechanging. Mashed cauliflower/celeriac are good potato substitutes. Basically eliminate grains, get carbs from veg not bread/potatoes and monitor dairy. Eat whole foods ( yes butter not marg, whole organic milk etc). It works as you redduce reduce inflammation in your body. If you are game colonics are brilliant, as is yoga.

  • i agree i also dramatically reduced my symptoms by changing my diet too, theres no time limit on when u will notice a different as everyone is different, for some it can take weeks and others months, but it is worth the wait! good luck xxx

  • Thank you all for your helpful input! I ordered a few books to guide me what to eat and what to avoid. I started wheat free, diary free and meat free and sugar free diet this week and will see how I get on! I'm so determined to finally get control over this awful pain which in fact controls my daily life instead at this very moment ! Thank you all and so happy to find such forum!

  • Yes I agree with the supplements too. And exercise. Sometimes I feel too exhausted to exercise but once I've done it I feel so much better!

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