Magnesium, diet and endometriosis

Has anybody on here had any success with taking food supplements or significantly changing their diets?

I read a book called The Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden (see her website for some natural endo info: -really-work/). The book suggests trying magnesium to help with really heavy periods. I have suffered with heavy blood loss,clotting and flooding and thought I would try. I have taken the magnesium supplements from my local health shop for 2 months now and my last 2 periods the flow has dramatically reduced. Has anyone else had any similar success? It hasn't helped with the pain but I guess one bit of relief helps and it will certainly improve my anaemia.

Has anyone tried cutting out wheat and dairy to reduce inflammation and help with pain?

Thanks x

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  • My dad has fibromyalgia and suggested coconut oil every day for chronic pain. Surprisingly it has helped me a lot, of it's placebo I don't care! 

  • We use coconut oil more and more but not every day - how do you ensure you use it every day? 


  • You can fry your food in it, stir it into porridge, make flapjacka with it, put it in smoothies... All sorts of things :) I like it in my coffee but it does go a bit greasy! 

  • I cut out bread and anything with barley or wheat in and lost some of the bloatedness but apart from that didn't see a difference. Going to recommend magnesium to my friend though as she suffers daily periods. I am on prostap so luckily just have the pain atm x

  • I have cut down on dairy in the past 6 weeks and the swelling has decreased. When I have a painful flare up it still hurts as bad as before.

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