Diet for endometriosis?

I recently had a laparoscopy for my endometriosis, and I'm incredibly lucky that they were able to remove all of the lesions and significantly reduce the scar tissue in my abdomen. After 9 years of pain, with the last 2 years being constant pain and cramping (every day, 24/7), I am now pain free! I know that it's highly likely that my endometriosis will come back, and even my specialist said it was quite likely to come back sooner than later. I'm working with her to try to slow it's growth (and hopefully prevent it from coming back altogether, but at least slow it), so I'm now on hormonal birth control pills, as well as doing some light hormone therapy.

I've heard that there are certain foods that can worsen endometriosis, or that can help with endometriosis. I feel like it does make sense that our diet could have an affect on our health. While looking online, I've found quite a few "endometriosis diets", but they all seem to be different, while many even directly conflict with others. Really the only thing I could find that everyone seems to agree on is that you should stay away from caffeine (which I've completely cut out of my diet). I'm willing to do just about anything to keep this pain at bay for as long as possible, but I honestly just don't know where to begin.

I do have a consultation with a dietitian in a couple weeks, but in the meantime was wondering if anyone has had any experience or luck with any specific diet. Anything that you've cut out of your diet that you feel like might have helped, or something you added?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  • hi GingerGirl2258,

    It's inflammatory foods, that when they are absorbed into your bloodstream irritate the endo.

    Here's the Fodmap diet for IBS, but you can pick and exclude the ones that affect you.

    The general list is gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and red meat. You can probably find a balance that means you can exclude/include as you go.

    There's a post on here called "Diet and immune system boosters" which has more info.

    Some foods like green tea, ginger, tumeric, cranberry, help!

  • I've cut out gluten and reduced dairy and I feel that this has helped me x

  • I found that gluten and caffeine are my triggers that cause bloating and the most pain but meat is ok for me. People are different so I would try one thing at a time. Hope this helps x

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