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'Ridge' in uterus?

Hi all, new and seeking support.

Feeling very fobbed off by NHS. In a nutshell:

I'm 36, TTC for 18 months.

6 months ago went to GP for heavy periods, severe period pain (across back and shooting down leg) and fertility. I suspect endo but I know it takes a lot to get diagnosis.

Was sent for trans-vag ultrasound & hysteroscopy. Was told verbally I have an ovarian cyst, a fibroid, and a 'ridge' inside my womb (must be either adenomyosis or a uterine septum? but the Dr patronised me by only referring to it as a 'ridge'). Was also verbally told I would need surgery once results came through.

Have waited 5 weeks for full results only to receive letter today stating that all is fine and no further hospital follow up is required?!?! What?! Clearly, follow up is required and was verbally alluded to!

Feeling very lost and frustrated. I know there is something preventing me from conceiving but feel fobbed off by NHS.

Anyone been in this situation or similar? What next? Back to GP?

Thank you so much for your help xx

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