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Pain after laparoscopy with adhesion removal?



I am just feeling so worried and at the end of my tether. I finally had a laparoscopy (despite the doctors saying I should just deal with it), with them finding adhesions to remove. I thought this would help, and at first it did. However now I still have the severe pelvic pain, though I am only one week after surgery. What should I do? Is this just healing? Or does it mean that removing the adhesions has not helped my condition?

Any advice for any of it would be amazing because I cannot do anything, only lying in bed after taking morphine. anything for how to get through this and get back to a bit more of a normal life.

Thank you

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Hi darling, sorry your still suffering, have you been diagnosed with endometreosis, only generally adhesions have to cone from something, mostly previous ops or ENdo.

Who did your op a general gyne surgeon or a Endo specialist,

1 week isn't long and your body will still be recovering so give it some time,

Good luck xxx

Yes I am waiting for the biopsy results to confirm but it is thought that it is endo since I have had no previous operations.

Thank you lots for your reply, I will just give it time to see if it sorted x

Hi, I'm so sorry you're in so much pain at the moment.

There are a couple of things that come to mind. Firstly I am assuming you have been diagnosed with endo and, if so, was your surgery undertaking by a BSGE accredited endo centre surgeon or a general gynaecological surgeon?

Are you able to describe your pain in a bit more detail also please?

Also worth considering is whether you may have a post op infection. I had surgery approx 4 weeks ago and a couple of weeks after surgery developed pain, nausea and unusual bowel movements. I convinced myself it was either adhesions or a partial bowel blockage, both of which are possible after abdominal surgery. However I went to my GP and he prescribed antibiotics for an infection and am much better now. It may be worth popping to see your GP to rule this out also.

Best wishes, Jo

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes I was operated on by an endo specialist so I do trust him to do what is right.

The pain is like severe cramping, like I imagine labour contractions might be, but I have had this for months.

Oh no I am sorry to hear that you were in pain and had some complications but I am glad it is more sorted now. I am seeing the nurse tomorrow so will ask if there is any chance It could be infected.

Thank you x

Hi lovely.

Sorry to hear you are I such bad pain.

I was just wondering if your period is due? I had one 4 and a bit weeks after my laparoscopy and it was horrendous they did tell me In hospital that the first one would be painful but I wasn't expecting what came I had awful cramps, back pain and stomach pain i was in bed 2 days I'm just wondering if it could be the start of your period?xx

I just had adhesions removed, every time they go in it can make those adhesions worse. It's about balancing the pain against the risk and benefits. My oncology surgeon did mine he's very good.

Hi I have just had my adhesions freed and ovary and tube out due to ongoing pelvic pain for 6 yrs, I had it done 2 weeks ago I notice a slight improvement but not much else, everyone says it takes a full 6 weeks to be able to tell if it has helped.

Hi I had adhesions removed 6 weeks ago - my left ovary was stuck to my pelvic wall and caused really bad pelvic pain. Originally the consultant expected to find endo but just found general adhesions. 6 weeks later I'm still experiencing pain but slightly higher than the Ieft ovary as well as the ovary and lots of painful stomach swelling after I eat and a few urine symptoms. My appointment with my gynaecologist was fast tracked and when I saw him last week he's referred me to the colorectal surgeon as he thinks there's further adhesions on the bowel and to a lesser extent the bladder. I had some bowel issues previous to the op as well so although I thought I had an infection from the op the symptoms do all tie in with further adhesions. I made a list of the ways I was affected/ill for the consultant and I think that helped narrow it down. Also I'm deficient in b12, folic and and low in iron, which might suggest bowel issues. Let us know how you get on.

Thank you everyone. It is good to know that I have to give it the 6 weeks to work and then I can know if it has helped or not.

I hope you all are feeling okay and are healing/ getting better x

I had removal of endometriosis from my right ovary and my left uterosacral ligament near cervixs.6 weeks after very lethargic and nausea n bad pelvic pain . Gynecologist appointment on 24th of august

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Haven't been well since


Hi all these posts were a year ago I'm wondering how things are now?? I had adhesions treated ovary stuck to uterus behind it. Op was 2 and a half weeks ago pain is not much different plus I have groin pain and pain running down my thigh I'm really hoping this will improve ?? Have any of you got better?


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I came on here looking for something similar and I came across your post and it is near on my issue. I had surgery and two weeks later I have been getting severe groin pain. I had scan and they could not find a hernia which they didn’t find and months later I am still struggling with this pain. It has now spread to above the groin public region and it’s like very heavy period feeling. Pain is sporadic and when it hits me it is breath taking. Medina fitted, could this be the issue maybe?

I had adhesion removed nearly 16 years ago. It really helped. Lying in pain at moment as had surgery repeated on Tuesday after a lot of pain again. They removed more adhesions and scar tissue. I had no previous surgery or endometriosis when first discovered. Hope this surgery fixes everything for another 16 years. I did and will need to do Pilates to strengthen back as not offered physio

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