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I have dense adhesion and get severe pain prior to my period, is that mean endo under the adhesion?

My consultant found dense adhesion in my abdomen at the lap in October, especially on my left side of the bowel. I have terrible pain on my right side from 10 days before my period and my consultant thinks my pain is caused by those adhesion.

I tried Zoladex last year and it worked for the tummy pain but it worsened my migraine a lot. I am waiting for a operation to remove adhesion and endo which was found at Pouch of Douglas.

I was told my consultant didn't find very much endo but a lot of adhesion. My pain is always start around 10 days before my period and period pain is awful. I thing there must be endo on my abdomen as the pain is there (well I gets pain around Pouch of Douglas too). Are there possibility that I have endo underneath of the adhesion and that is why I get pain at the same time of the month as endo gets active under the adhesion?

I am not saying that my consultant didn't bother to look properly at the lap as he couldn't look underneath the adhesion unless he has prepared to remove my adhesion which comes at the next operation. I am just wondering if I have adhesion without endo underneath why doesn't it hurt other time (not that I want pain though:)? Adhesion itself is nothing to do with period, is it?

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Adhesions have nothing to do with periods - and you can have adhesions from other surgeries in the past, or injuries and also from patched of endometriosis. So it could be anything that causes the growth of scar tissue or adhesions.

I do not understand why your surgeon did not cut them all back and hve a look what was causing them when you had your operation, which might have saved you from having a second operation which will in time cause even more adhesions to grow.

He will have to cut back all of the adhesions in the next operation - but this is temporary as they will grow again. You must ask your surgeon to put in some barriers between your organs to stop them sticking together with adhesions.

Also to look EVERYWHERE for endometriosis. It can grow on any tissues and all of it must be removed and after the operation you need to stop your periods to try and prevent any more endometriosis from growing again. It doesn't stop adhesions but it can slow down how many more you will get. Good Luck.

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Thank you for your reply. When I had the lap my surgeon had 5 patients to give diagnose laps in the afternoon one after the other so he couldn't do anything other than just look. I don't agree that I had to go through another general anatheatic and further adhesion, recovery etc.

I didn't know you could have some barriers between the organs. What does it call? Doesn't it cause any problem putting some foreign object in the body? I can understand the theory though. If I have this barrier there are no further adhesion in that place or does it just delay but considerably delay?

I was guessing that I would have to somehow stop ovulation after the next operation. I had Zoladex so far and it made my migraine a lot worse. I can't take combined pill as I have migraine with aura and pop pills just make me bleeding machine. I am not keen on the idea of coil as once it's put in it is not be able to take it out easily and I don't get on very well with hormone treatment. I think I have to go back to Zoladex and keep controlling my migraines with preventing tablets.

Thank you for the good advice Impatient


I totally agree with what Impatient has said. My consultant didn't put in any barriers after the first removal of adhesions and endo - now my bowel and womb are stuck together, which is causing no end of problems. Please do what Impatient has advised you to do as it will save you a lot of pain and discomfort in the long run.


Hi Fordie777

I had 3 diagnose lap but the next operation will be the first operation to have actual treatment. After 10 years of agony life they finally going to do "something" on me so I want to have as prepared as possible (well anyone of us are the same I guess). I will definitely ask about this barrier if my painless days get longer after the operation. May I ask you how long you had pain free between the removal operation and you started uncomfortable pain without barrier?



Hi shukudai, I was pain free for a week and then the pain was much worse than it had been before I had been operated on. The pain was that bad I was frequently passing out because of it. I hope all goes well for you.


Only a week pain free? and much worse afterwards? I am sorry to hear that. It's not fair, is it? I hope you are managing your pain now? Please take care.


It's awful. I will PM you now.


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