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Chronic adhesion pain


I have posted a few times before. I had a lap 10ish weeks ago which found remnants of my right ovary stuck to my bowel with the obturator nerve also stuck there. I am still in chronic, constant pelvic pain in a very specific spot and have pain down my thigh from the nerve.

My endo pain (cramps) is under control at the mo due to periods not coming back yet from prostap.

I have read a lot about diet, surgery, drug treatments etc for endo. I assume none of these will help my pelvic pain as they don't help with adhesions as far as I know. I have had adhesiolysis 3 times and it hasn't helped.

Does anyone else suffer adhesion pain and does anyone have any ideas of why I can try next. It seems that there is nothing that can be done and I am lost!

Any help would be greatly appreciated x

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I get pain from adhesions too, and was put on Gabapentin for the shooting pains. I also find that a TENS machine is really good for pain relief. My Consultant has told me that he won't do any more surgery on me, because I have so many adhesions.


Thanks for the reply, this seems to be the part of endo that people don't talk about much. I think that the pregablin may help and tens seems like a good idea too. Sending big hugs because I know how difficult it is. Do you manage to work at all or is the pain too bad?


Hi again,

I should have said that it was the Pain Clinic which put me on Gabapentin and gave me a trial of the TENS, which I subsequently bought.

I also have Fibromyalgia and Depression, and the combination of all that means that I can't work any more. After 30+ years of working, it's not easy being dependant on my husband now, but I'm lucky if I go through one day without being in severe pain from one part of my body or another.

Good luck with your Gynae appointment. Let us know how you get on.



Hi eggcustard

I have had 5 laps the last being a LAVH and am still troubled with right hand sided pelvic pain. I am not sure exactly where the pain is radiating from although it could be adhesions. I am seeing a gynae next month and I will be asking his opinion.

I understand that treatment for adhesions is difficult. I have tried medication for nerve pain such as Gabapentin and Pregablin but neither worked for me. I think the only other options may be physio or a referral to your hospital's Pain Clinic. As Tendo says above the more ops you have the more likely you are to be troubled by adhesions and further surgery is unlikely to help.

Hope this is helpful to you, x


Hi, thanks for the reply. That's roughly what I thought, it's difficult to deal with being like this forever though. I will see the gynae next week and then it probably will be the pain clinic, thanks for the support though x


No problem egg, sorry I couldnt offer more information but I'm a bit in the dark re adhesions treatment too.

Good luck with your gynae appointment and let us know how you get on if you dont mind posting again, xx



Have you seen any of the info on body rolling for adhesions? Here's a link to some.. I haven't tried it yet as the surgery was too recent but it seems lots of women get good relief from it:



hi, thanks, never heard of that one before!


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