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First period after laparoscopy, dithermy and mirena


I had my laparoscopy last Monday (30-01-17) and found that I had grade 1 endometriosis pretty much all over. The spots were burnt away and a mirena coil fitted. I have been in a lot of pain since and had to go back to my GP for stronger pain killers which I am still taking. I didn't bleed at the time but have started to now and am in excruciating pain. I can only presume this is my period (they are so irregular I don't know when they start anymore!!).

Please can you let me know of your experiences of your first period after surgery. Is it normal to be in this much pain?

Thanks ladies!

Amy xx

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I was on the pill when I'd my surgery and did bleed for a day or two after it. But not period type bleeding more like a weeping cut.

So when my first period came I knew. It was soo bad I could have held a bucket under me to catch it. I didn't have alot of pain because I was still taking my painkillers regularly. But I seemed to b bleeding alot. But I did notice a big difference on my next period. And the difference was good.

My surgeon had told me to expect a bad period first time and not to plan going out for a day or two around it.

Your next one should be better. I was told it's more like what you should be experiencing.


Hugs, my first post lap period stopped me literally in my tracks but luckily did not last long. There is lots of info about post lap pain and healing here centerforendo.com/is-my-end...

Where and why did you have ablation rather than excision? I've read excision at a bsge centre is generally viewed as preferable as it stops endo being left behind and regrowing. endometriosis.org/treatment...


I bled for nearly three months after my lap, and had loss of what looked like skin and flesh! 😱 I would say it's quite normal post lap to be in pain on your first period because everything is recovering , but also a lot of women the periods stop when a merina is fitted.

If your concerned def get some advice , it can't hurt to put your mind at ease x


I found that the Mirena actually gave me pain and after months of it, I had it removed.


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