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1day post laparoscopy

Hi ladies,

So I had my laparoscopy yesterday, wow it's everywhere I didn't expect. So as we all guessed I do have Endo but I expected it to be on my tubes and ovaries when in fact it's all over my higher regions like my liver, diaphragm, kidneys etc which is mad because my pain is all lower. Of course I had a few specs of it there but nothing to cause major concern.

Quite worried about it being on my liver and diaphragm because my consultant who is a very repituable consultant in the north west has only ever seen it in these areas once before. I'm just worried about future treatment.

Biopsy was taken from somewhere not too sure where..is this normal? I hate that they tell you what they found when you're half out of it on morphine and anaesthetic!! I literally remember nothing the nurse had to relay some of what she could remember back to me later on before I got picked up!

Also find it silly how nothing at all was removed yesterday! Jesus I wouldn't want to know what kind of pain I'd be in if it had if I feel like this now! As you can all probably tell I'm a huge wimp haha! Had a bit of a rough night, pain is quite bad today but I'm assuming that's because of the wind as well!

Hope you're all well!


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