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5 days post laparoscopy.


Hi, I'm 5 days after my laparoscopy surgery.

I had endo on both sides of the pelvis at the back of the womb and abit on the bowel (which was not removed)

For the past day ive had alot of internal pelvic pain, deep where my bowel is.

Its been painful to go to the toilet and I'm even getting pain when I sit down.

It almost feels like I have a ruptured cyst or an endo flare up.

Has anybody else experienced this after surgery?


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5 days post lap is still early on in recovery and your bowels will need time to settle down.. took me a good 2-3 weeks before things calmed You could try taking some lactulose to help keep things moving gently

You will be quite raw and tender still with a lot of nerve pain which can be very uncomfortable just give yourself some more time and hopefully things will ease.

what pain relief have you been given?

Have they said what is going to be done with bowel endo?

Take care

Salz10 in reply to plotments

Thank you for your reply. Early days, like you said.

Only paracetamol! The bowel endo they left as I guess the risk of removing it outweighed the benefits.

They have recommended contraception to manage the growth and symptoms. I just have no idea how well it will actually work?!

plotments in reply to Salz10

Yes very early days....I'd get yourself some stronger pain relief from the chemist No need to be in pain.

Did you suffer with bowel problems before you had your lap?

All you can do is give contraception a go and hopefully it will help....I was on the pill for over 10 years and it did help control a lot of my symptoms.

Fingers crossed for you.

Salz10 in reply to plotments

Yes I have had the same bowel symptoms before my surgery, but they has settled down.

I guess the surgery has probably aggrivated it quite abit.

plotments in reply to Salz10

Yes surgery will upset the bowels but I'd keep a note on your bowel symptoms as endo is still there and if anything doesn't seem right you'll be able to discuss it with consultant in follow up.

As you have endo affecting your bowel you now need referring to a specialist centre in tertiary care as per NHS requirements.

plotments in reply to Lindle

You tend to be only referred if your having problems not because they've found it and want to fix you!!!

Lindle in reply to plotments

How do you know that the person posting has no problems!!!?

plotments in reply to Lindle

because she has said in previous post that things have settled down

Hi Salz10, it took me at least 2-3 weeks to recover too, I found it REALLY uncomfortable but it passes... I took lots of paracetamol and managed to get the time more or less fully off work. Good luck and hope you are able to take it easy!

Assuming you had surgery in secondary care they were not allowed to touch the endo on your bowel. So it's not a case of it being left due to the risk of removing it outweighing the benefits as that isn't a decision for secondary care. In your post you say that you have had a lot of internal pelvic pain, deep where your bowel is and it's been painful to go to the toilet and to sit down. I don't know if you had pain before your lap but presumably that will be why you had it, to resolve pain? If you continue to have bowel symptoms then as said before you will need referring to a tertiary endo centre.

There are different referral criteria and pathways depending on whether you are in England or the devolved boards. If you do continue to have pain feel free to pm me if you would like details of how to get a referral to a specialist centre in tertiary care, x

I had endo removed and in week four noe and only just feeling normal. Having endo r moved is worse than any other lap I’ve had. Take it easy, keep up with your painkillers and take a laxative or eat lots of fibre, passing stools for me was awful. Contact your dr for better pks of you haven’t got stronger ones.

Rest a lot too xoxo

Hi. Have they used ablation or excision? I found ablation very painful for a long time. Excision was better.

They haven’t touched the bowels because they know that this should be dealt with at a BSGE Centre where they should have an excision specialist and colorectal surgeon to deal with the bowel endo. Mine became so severe that I had to put myself on a strict exclusion diet and I had IBS-D symptoms which I very draining.

Take care. x

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