Post laparoscopy

Did anyone have any pain when going for a wee after laparoscopy? Feels like there is something in the way for all the wee to come out and it's hurts near my belly button scar. Also have been going a lot more feels like I constantly have a full bladder, then when I go it's only a little and it hurts? Is this just normal from the poking around they did. I had my laparoscopy on Wednesday?

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The same thing happened to me. I think it's just readjusting after they took out the catheter. Takes a few days for it to go back to normal.

Thank you, I thought it could be linked but they didn't mention anything like that, they also didn't say that they used a catheter. If pain gets worse will speak to my Dr. How long did it take for you to recover fully?

The issue with going to the bathroom frequently went away in a couple of days. As for everything else, I started to feel much better about a week after surgery. It all takes time though, maybe a few weeks before you are completely back to normal.

I know everyone recovers differently love this site as lots of people can help provide just a rough idea. Would rather listen to people that have dealt with it than DRs as they don't tell you everything. Hope your well and Thank you again

i had my lap on tuesday, i was constantly weeing like every 5-10 minutes for a good 2 days... didnt have pain was just quite uncomfortable. im getting more pain now with my belly button stitches which have now gone infected

Aww no hope they are not causing that much pain. I have been like that since Wednesday,can cope with pain, it's just a faff having to go to the toilet every 30 mins.

If you had had a catheter you would know - they are generally left in for a day or so after surgery. If you're still feeling like you need to pee but can't go please rung the hospital and ask for advice as you could be retaining urine or have an infection.

Thank you, I didn't think I had one as they didn't mention it, I can go it just hurts when I do and constantly feels like it's full. If gets any worse will speak to the Drs.

Hi...I had undergone laproscopy on 22 Jan,2016.And still I can feel some pain in the left ovary ..pelvic area at times.It will take upto 6 months or more to recover completely from the poking pain.It is going to be okay.

Dont worry it is normal.Follow up with your gyn if the pain is severe.All the best :)

I had that feeling for up to 4 days after my lap. It was on that 4th day (evening) when it started to feel more normal and the pain and that blocked feeling eased a lot. My nurse kept telling me to drink more water to wee more so it would flush it through quicker. She said it was very common after that type of surgery, particularly if they've checked your bladder (exterior) for endometriomas. Hang in there, and listen to your body - you know it better than anyone and a gut feeling goes a long way.

Kind regards

Thank you, thought it was linked to the surgery. I find this more annoying I feel like I have moved into the bathroom, hopefully will ease soon.

Following post as 6 days post op and being feeling the same, I went to my gp as was told the pain was possibly due to them lifting my cervix internally during op to have good look around, today I feel as if someone has stuck a hot poker inside my vagina and now have blood and protein in urine interal exam given so slight discharge which she took swab to check for infection. Hope you all feel Bit better soon and all recover well xxxd

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