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Post-laparoscopy: Waiting for a diagnosis.

Hey loves. I finally had my diagnostic laparoscopy yesterday and all went smoothly from start to finish. I was pretty groggy when I came round (and sore) which was to be expected but I drank as much water as I could and as soon as I could wee I was allowed home with a pack of strong cocodamol.

When I was in recovery I asked the nurse if they found anything but she said she couldn't tell me, only that the surgeon took photos ("I don't think it will be one to put on Facebook" she said as I slipped back into sleep).

Before I was discharged I was told the doctor wasn't doing the rounds to talk to patients about their procedures etc and that I'll have to wait for my follow up in about 4-6 weeks.. I'm pretty sore on the right side which is where the majority of my pain came from anyway. I presume they took a biopsy of tissue from that area?

I was just wondering if this seems to be the normal procedure (re having to wait!) as I feel a little left in the dark about everything 😢 I just want some answers. Everything points to endo but if it isn't then I'm back to square one.. I know I should be happy if it ISN'T endo but the thought of having to go back to the very start for more testing really knocks me back.

Hope you're all ok x

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I don't know what's 'normal' but my surgeon was there when I was in recovery and chatted away to me but I don't remember a word of what he said! Fortunately he came an hour or so later when I was a bit more with it and my husband was there too. He told me what had been done, answered questions and give me a few options to think over for when I have my follow-up appt. I think it would have driven me crazy if I had to wait!! Perhaps you could call the consultant's office to ask for the results? Hope you recover well x

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Thanks for responding sweetie. See, I'd have preferred that! But then I do know that they were completely bogged down with patients yesterday so maybe that was why? I don't know.. or maybe they truly did find nothing. But then id think that it would be far easier to tell me there and then so I can start the next process than having to wait? I don't know 😢 x


I would have thought they'd tell you either way as you're left in limbo otherwise. Did they give you a discharge note as mine had graphic details of what they found? It was very difficult to understand all the medical terms but a quick google and I got the gist. It was helpful to talk to the surgeon though as he explained the situation in real terms. I don't think it's at all unreasonable to call the consultant or if they're difficult to get hold of, contact your GP as they may have access to your hospital notes or know how to get the results x


Thanks love. I'm booked in to see my GP at the end of the month anyway so I'll wait until then. I didn't get a proper discharge note, no.. In fact I got told very little. I just got passed my cocodamol and some info about where to go if I find myself bleeding excessively etc... Hmmm. X


I'm sure they are supposed to give you a copy of the discharge note. Perhaps you should contact the hospital about this. At my laps the surgeon has always come to talk to me afterwards, although sometimes I was a bit too groggy to take it all in. I have a dream-like memory of one of the discussions! But still very useful all the same.


Call your gp and ask for information. My surgeon came and explained what happend during surgery, so i was aware when i left hospital. They should take a biopsy if anything was found and the gp should receive some information about this. Dont wait until 5-6 weeks, otherwise you will start to worry and feel horrible.

Go and call your gp and ask questions. It is your body, your life and you need to know

Good luck!!


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