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Injections Post Laparoscopy

Hi everyone,

I couldn't find an existing post concerning this so apologies if it has already been discussed.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in April and after a discussion with my gynecologist, it's been agreed for me to have laparoscopy. I have two endo cysts on both ovaries (5cm on right, 11cm on left) as well as a different cyst on top of my left ovary (6cm).

He mentioned in our appointment that they'd look to drain the cyst but his follow-up letter mentions also having injections for three months afterwards to shrink the cyst.

I would've asked him at the time (and I'm awaiting a response to my email), but has anyone had this before? I searched online and there were lots of different injections women could have (with different side effects) and I'm a little lost. What's the drug used and how frequently were the injections done in three months?

Help! :/

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These may possibly be Prostap injections, which would cause you to enter a medically induced menopause. I had these injections after my first op and while waiting for my second & third. However it’s important to check specifically what is being recommended post op as there are a few things this could be xxx

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My gynecologist knows I want to be able to still have children, so I hope it's not any of the drugs that'll induce menopause (he's doing both a dye test in my fallopian tubes during the laparoscopy and an AMH test as part of my pre-op tests).

I'll await his reply to my email, I suppose!


Hi DLaunch,

Welcome to the forum.

As Janine33 says, your consultant could be suggesting an injection to mimic the menopause.

Endometriosis UK have an information sheet about treatments which you might find useful and go into GnRH analogues in more detail. You can find it here:


I hope this helps while you wait for a response to your email.


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Hi RicEndoUK,

Thanks for the data! There's a lot of information that I've not seen before.

Hopefully, I'll hear back from my gynecologist soon and then be able to make an informed decision with the help of your info sheet.

Many thanks!


Agree with the others that it is probably Prostap - just to let you know the menopause induced is only temporary and will not affect your fertility in the long run; it gives your body a break and in this case time to heal. I was on it for two 6 month courses, the first time no probs, just some menopausal type symptoms, the second time it made me a bit depressed so they took me straight off it. How it affects you will depend on the dose as well, if its a one month depo shot it will be out of your system quicker than a three month depo (they inject it intramuscularly and it dissolves so to speak over time into your system, sort of like a very slowly dissolving stock cube though not the same consistency!)

Good luck with your surgery and decision on whether to go ahead with shots. x

Here's some information (Prostap is a GnRH agonist - all the other possible treatments are listed as well - check with your doc to find out what specifically is proposed), there's also some info on laparoscopy on this website that's very helpful.


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That's good to know... my boyfriend and I want children, so I'd rather not do anything that would permanently remove our chances if I can help it.

I've been suffering from acute trauma and anxiety/panic attacks as well as a lot of the more unpleasant symptoms from endo, unfortunately (long story short, they thought for about two months that I could have ovarian cancer, so it wasn't an easy time) so I'm unsure I'd be comfortable having menopausal symptoms for a few months...

Thanks for your message and the info; I'm hoping to hear back soon from my gynecologist..!


I had my lap 2 weeks ago and he surgeon/gynaecologist has put me on zoladex which is similar to prostap I believe, I start tomorrow, I am similar to you as I had 3 cysts similar sizes he drained them all and the injection helps them and the endo not grow back as fast, he also said after the 3 months of injections have finished it’s your best time to conceive. I hope this helps xxx

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Good luck with your recovery - I hope you're better soon :)

I think I just need to hear my gynaecologist confirm that - we had a meeting last month about it and he never mentioned anything about injections (just two rounds of surgery), so I think it's just weirded me out.

Keep me updated on how you get on with zoladex!


Genuinely I didn't find the side effects too bad and I went on a whole health kick through it too. I lost weight, had a bit of trouble getting to sleep and got a bit hot and sweaty for short periods. Mood wise, when I was affected the second time around, I began to feel much better 3-4 weeks after the drug had been stopped. Overall, for me personally I think it gave me the best chance of getting the most out of the surgery. Endo is liable to grow back and they are limiting the number of repeat surgeries possible for now due to scar tissue causing damage etc., so it's something to bear in mind that you want as little surgical trauma to your body as possible, maybe discuss other hormonal based options (contraceptive pill or coil might be an idea, it would depend how severe the endo is and what the doc thinks). I can appreciate where you're coming from with worries over cancer, very stressful. Hopefully you will get the treatment for endo quickly and you can move on and put it all behind you. All the best x

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No, that totally makes sense. As I said to Gemma1986, I think it's just taken me by surprise as he hadn't mentioned anything about injections when we had spoken a month ago and he's not said anything about what I'm going to be injected with.

How have you felt since?

I definitely feel ready for my treatment and to move on as I'm sure everyone else who has gone through/going through this! :)


Well the last time I had it was 2015, I fell pregnant with my son shortly after. I felt great. It’s hard to know whether surgery, prostap or pregnancy did the trick. Maybe a combination of everything?! By contrast to what pregnancy does to you hormonally (crying mess, developed mini beard uuuggh) prostap was a walk in the park 😂

I’m having quite bad symptoms again now and can’t have any more restorative surgery, they’ve advised get preg again or go on hormonal treatments and painkillers. Going to stretch that out as long as I can x

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I'm glad things got better (and you had a successful pregnancy - yay!) although I'm sorry to hear you're not very well again :(

It's reassuring to hear things were normal for a good amount of time; the only other person I know who has had it, had emergency surgery about ten years ago when they found a cyst cutting off the blood supply to one of her ovaries. They removed the cyst and ovary and she's not had any issue since (she's due to have her second child in January).

I hope things improve without too much of drastic action.


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