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Post Laparoscopy recovery

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Hi all,

I had my first laparoscopic surgery on Friday. So far recovery has been slow and the pain in my shoulders and back are quite bad. I had no medical professional talk to me afterwards about the surgery and I don’t even know what stage of Endo I had, only that it was removed! Does anyone know how I can find out exactly what happened during my surgery and what this orange dye is all over me? Thanks in advance for any replies!

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Hi J

That's a shame you've had poor after care. The pain in your shoulders is related to the gas they use to distend your abdomen. I found peppermint tablets helped with that, makes your burp a lot but that's kind enough the idea, it did settle after a few days. You can also use painkillers, I esp needed them at night. Don't worry about the yellow dye that's just what they use to keep your skin sterile in theatre. Easily washed off xx

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judda in reply to WeeJacs

Hi WeeJacs,

Thanks for your reply...I’ll be sure to get some peppermint tablets and painkillers. Glad to know what this dye is also! Thanks again :)

Jeezo that's really bad to not explain anything to you. It may be everyday to them but it's a big deal to the patient having surgery!

Like the other person said, the gas will ease off, it just needs to find a way out. I found massaging the area helped. Peppermint tea is also good if you have that.

I freaked out when I saw all that yellow stuff too. I remember asking the nurse about it while I was in recovery, I thought it was like body fluids or something gross! 😂

You usually get a post op follow up but it can be quite a while after surgery. If you're keen to know what they found, I'd suggest phoning up the dept in a few days or go to your GP, they may get a report or might follow it up for you.

I hope you heal quickly. Take good care of yourself and use this amazing site if you have any more questions. X

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judda in reply to weekari


Thanks for your reply. I’ll try massaging too, the pain in my shoulders is quite severe so I will try anything to help relieve it. They sent me home with a letter to say my post op apt is in three months, with a note to tell me to get a prescription for Cerazette for the next three months from my doctor, that’s it. I’ll ring the doctors on Tuesday and see if they’ve got anymore information for me. Thanks again for your reply and help xx

Hi Judda

I too had laparoscopy for first time this week (Wednesday) it amazes me how ladies are discharged with out a brief.

I'm badly bruised around my incisions (black and yellow) and was covered in sticky residue from what must have been tape. But no orange dye. Could it be the sterilizer, sugical iodine they use to limit bacteria? If it is it should wash off eventually.

I was given feedback as part of my discharge that the follow up appointment is 6 momths time for my gynecologist. But also was given a quick brief about what was found.

I was given the ward number to call if I needed anything within 48 hours, could you phone the ward where you went, jusy to enquire?

Otherwise I would possibly be tempted to phone the GP surgery on Tuesday morning for a telephone appointment as the hospital tend to send your notes from the surgery to them electronically after the procedure in case you need to see your GP for anything.

I also have had terrible shoulder pain from the gas. Peppermint tea is vile but recommend. But anything peppermint can help. I have been taking peppermint oil tablets and peppermint antacid tablets. I also enjoyed some peppermint Oreo chocolate ! Also someone on a forum said that they sucked strong mints that helped them.

Hopefully you can get some feedback soon, and some relief from the gas pain xx

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judda in reply to Belle17

Hi Belle17,

Thank you for taking the time to reply. The Oreos are a welcome suggestion! I also have tape marks on me but was told not to wash for 48 hours so haven’t checked the extent of the incisions yet. They didn’t even give me any replacement plasters for my wounds. I hope your recovery is fast too, and you are soon pain free...thanks again xx

Hiya, I also had my laparoscopy 2 Fridays ago (11th may), I was simply told that I had endo across my pelvis and I’d be referred to a specialist, but no other info. Thankfully a few days after my lap I received my follow up appointment date, but if you don’t receive one I’d try and chase it up. Also for the shoulder pain I’d recommend a hot water bottle, it worked wonders at easing the pain for me. Hope you feel better soon x

Thanks Slm327, I shall defo be chasing it up...wishing you a speedy recovery too!xx

I had mine Monday and my mum who’s had 2 laps warned me about the trapped gas so as soon as I got back to the ward I sucked on peppermints and as soon as I got home I took peppermint tablets. It worked and I didn’t get any gas pain.... however I would like to know when the bloating will do down, it’s been a week and I’m still bloated from my bikini line up to my ribs. I look like I’ve swallowed a balloon. I was under for 3 hours so I guess these things take time but all I can wear is nightshirts at the moment 😳

Wishing you a speedy recovery x

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judda in reply to Char411

Yes the gas pain is really bad! I read to avoid dairy, gluten and wheat to reduce the bloating, have a look on Pinterest at things to eat to reduce the bloat! I was under for about the same time as you, which I was shocked about as they told me it would be a 15 minute op! Hope you get better soon too, thanks for replying xx

Hi! I had my second lap on Tuesday and I did have to chase doctors in recovery to explain to me what they ‘ve done (mainly because I was in agony). I too have extra marks from plasters/tapes, weird marks on my legs. On one hand I actually don’t want to know what they did while I was under.. everything mint helps, cannot look at mint tea almost a week later though :) wishing you a very speedy recovery xxx

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judda in reply to chihira

I’ll defo be chasing it up, I’m not as sore today but I am really weak and out of breath when I move but I’ve made it to the downstairs world today, so here I shall stay! I hope you recovery quickly and I agree with you, I’d rather not know what the marks are either! :) xx


I had my first laparoscopy last week too (on Monday). I found recovery to be slow for the first few days and felt really weak (my appetite has been awful) but now it’s a week later and i’m back at work, doing everything normally. I still am a bit sore- struggling to bend down to touch the floor, heavy lifting etc but that’ll come with time!

Peppermint tea is my biggest suggestion for the gas pain, it helped me so much!

Good luck with everything!

Ps- my lap was purely diagnostic, they didn’t remove anything (because they didn’t find anything) so my recovery may be a bit quicker

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judda in reply to El_mai


I too am finding I am really weak but I will just listen to my body and take it easy for the next few days...even though it is school holidays! Thanks for the peppermint tea suggestion, it does seem to be working for the gas...I hope you are feeling back to your normal self in no time :) xx

Shoulder rubs and rotating arms/shoulders and walking around helps with the gas pain. Hot water bottle on shoulders helps too and will relive some tension.

Peppermint tea as other suggest is great also.

You should’ve had a discharge note with what the surgeon has done written on it, failing that your Dr will have a copy but it may take a few days to get to them.

I had my second lap last Monday so am recovering too.

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judda in reply to Peren

Hi, thanks for your reply...I have been glued to my hot water bottle day and night and it does really help, along with the tea. All that it said on my note was to visit the doctor to get a prescription of Cerazette and take it back to back for three months. I’m not happy about taking that either, it was one of the worst pills I’ve ever been on! Did you have to take any contraceptive pills after your first op? Hope you are recovering well too xx

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Peren in reply to judda

I was prescribed zoladex injections after my first lap.

I’ve not had any experience of cerazette I’m aftaid.

It’s so frustrating that no one has explained what they have done post surgery. To be fair no one gave me an explanation after my first but I had a fairly detailed letter when I left the hospital. You could call the ward and ask them to read your notes maybe? But you dr will get a letter soon.


Yes I wait for a letter or go to my docs tomoz to discuss this awful pill they want me to take. The after care is really bad, especially for someone who is going through this for the first time...I’m glad I found this site to ask people such as yourself for advice:) xx

I had really bad pain in my shoulders too. And the bloating was terrible for a few weeks, but it’s all gone down now. Taking wind settlers helped me tremendously with shoulder pain and bloating. I found it helped release the gas and my pain eased so much by taking them. I too had orange dye all over me, I think it’s a sort of steriliser they use just before starting the procedure. I saw my consultant a few weeks after and was told then what stage it was at and answered alll the questions I had. I think once you’re feeling a bit better and recovered more to see your gp. Your consultant would have sent a report to your gp with all the details

Thank you Aisha, good to know what the dye was for!

Hey everyone, I went to my docs on Monday and requested they send me the letter from the hospital. They didn’t have it but said they would email to see if there was one. Anyway, it arrived today, so I finally have some idea of where the endometriosis was, not that I have a clue what it means! It states they found multiple endometriosis spots in the left and right side of the pelvic walls, as well as the uterovesical fold and the pouch of Douglas. Has anyone any advice about these areas? Thanks in advance x

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