UTI post laparoscopy?

Hi, just wondering if anyone else developed a UTI following their laparoscopy? My lap was last Monday and I've been having issues since then. I constantly feel like I need to wee and I'm getting a lot of pressure & burning. I've tried cystitis sachets but just been to the chemist who told ne I really need to see my GP for antibiotics. Easier said than done, I had no luck today when I tried!

I'm pretty sure it's because I had to have a catheter inserted and left in overnight as I went into urinary retention post surgery. Things are never simple, are they?

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  • Does yr gp not do emergency appointments, or phone consult ?

    I just dropped a sample in for them to test when I thought I had UTI after bowel resection op .

  • Thanks. I'm waiting for the GP to ring me, probably later this afternoon. If she thinks it is an infection she can prescribe antiobiotics without me needing to be seen.

  • How did you get on? Hope yr feeling a bit better today

  • Thanks, now on my third day of antibiotics which have begun to kick in, such a relief!

  • I've now been on antibiotics for four days and apart from a slight improvement in the pain none of the other symptoms have improved. StIll constantly feel like I need to wee and when I do go it is still cloudy and smells awful. Have started to feel really sick as well. Looks like I'll be ringing the GP again on Monday.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem post lap & catheter? I wouldn't have thought I'd have seen more improvement by now

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