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Itchy laparoscopy scars

Iv had a laparoscopy over a month ago. It's healed nicely, but recently Iv been experiencing redness and itchiness on 1/3 of the scars. The other two are completely fine.

I have doctors tomorrow as the last few days I have my old endometriosis pain back even though I had to removed in the laparoscopy.

Should I mention about the itching or is it normal?


Emma xox

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I cant tell you why this happens, but my scars have always randomly done this! Even as much as a year or so after!! Ive never really mentioned it but it sounds like yours may be a bit worse than mine so may be worth mentioning. Hope this helps a little... youre not alone xx


Try coconut oil

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Hello , mine did this at the point when the thread used for stitching worked to the surface of the skin - the one in my tummy button actually drove me mad and took about 9 weeks !


Hi, I have had this and if your still in the healing stage - itchy & red - I believe you can use a 'bethapen' ? or other silicone scar treatment. The doctor prescribed me one silicone one and then I saw the ' bepanthen' ? scar over the counter one was much cheaper and was the same substance. It had a roller massage thing on the bottle to stop the 'keloid?' process that was making the scar raise up differently to others. I also used paw paw cream to help with itching. Keeping out of sun can be important, not that we want to put our surgery scars out in the sun much : ). I am no doctor but those things helped me, when I had a scar starting to raise, but you might only have a time window to use it to stop the ' keloid' ? skin thing. Good luck


Hi my randomly itch as well. I had a 6ich scar after a big op to remove a 7.5 cm cyst and a twisted tube.

My scar is very rased and very itchy the more I use bio oil on it the raised bits have gone down and is about an inch long now and that is the only bit that gets itchy x

The funny thing is I asked a nurse and she said use anti histamine for it hahaha


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