Laparoscopy finally!!

Thank you so much to everyone that encouraged me to keep pushing to have a laparoscopy done!!! I went to the hospital a few days ago and ranted and raved as I was in a&e in the day before and I've had enough!!! So I'm on the waiting list for a laparoscopy! I finally feel like it's happening! The doctor said because I'm so young they might not find anything because the endometerosis might be really small so they can't find it?? Is that true??? And I've had the mirena for 2 half months and my periods are worse than before more bleeding and more pain :/ can anyone help? Thanks :)

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  • Hey :) congratulations on some good news :)! Hopefully the list isn't to long and you can get sorted! I had my lap last year and I was 20.. I'm not sure how old you are but they did find it... So I'm not sure on how true that is also a few younger have said they have been diagnosed and had it removed through a lap... Anyway good luck xxx

  • Hi

    Glad you are on the waiting list. Even small amounts of endo can cause big symptoms.

    I had horrendous pains on and off with mirena for first 3 months. I then had intermittent pain with it and brownish constant discharge bleeding for two years after which I had it removed. It didn't agree with me but I have a friend who just loves hers (on her second) but it still takes up to 6 months to settle down. I hope you get on ok with it. Well done for being assertive!

  • Hi yes I'm glad you are getting your lap. What that doctor said is utter rubbish. Doctors seem to make it up as they go along to look as though they know what they are talking about, otherwise they wouldn't have a clue and would sound dumb in front of their patents. It doesn't matter how old you are if you have endo it will show up when you have your lap but only to a trained surgeon who knows what to look for. Some surgeons done see it when they look because they don't know what to look for. So you have to go to a trained surgeon, do some research or ask more questions on this site to try and find one of the better ones. Good luck and sorry to be so blunt x

  • Yea I thought so, I bought a book about endometriosis by Dr Susan Evans and it's really helpful so when you go to the doctors it makes you sound like you know what your talking about and they seem to listen more! I kept asking questions and she felt quite uncomfortable that she didn't know the answer but endometriosis is something doctors are still very unsure about!

  • That is great news :) Can I ask how old you are? I am 20, and they seem very reluctant to give me a laporoscopy even though I have had 4 admissions to A&E within the last 4 months, twice by ambulance. Well done for being assertive and putting your foot down! It takes so much pushing to get them to listen doesn't it!

  • Hi hun im 21 and i am on a waiting list for a lap, i also had no luck with a and e and i had no luck on being admitted at moving my op foward as the have given me a date of 30 april i work in the hospital and im unable to work until then. i got min tho the docs i whent to well wonen clinic (via gp) and they did an internal then was sent for an ulrasound and then refured to gine consultant as these showed nothing ... Please keep pushing go to the gp as much as you have too to get yourself a lap the waiting lists can be long as its only treated as routine as there is no diagnosis till they go in and look ... Good luck and keep pushing xxx

  • Im 19 nearly 20, I've been the hospital about 5 times asking for a laparoscopy it's just about finding the right person that can see how much pain your in and letting you have it! Good luck!

  • I had my first lap at 18 and ended up being down there 4 hours as I had so much endometriosis which they lazered away. Im now 31 and had 6 laps I also now have poloistic ovaries & Adomeniosis . I honest think I've always had it from from the age of 13 when I started my periods. Good luck & what ever happens you will be ok you just have to get on with it. You learn how to live with it :)

  • I have not had a lap yet as im scared of surgery however my last mri scan showed I have adomyosis just not sure what this means!!! Pain 4 days around ovulation and 10 days before my period!

  • I'm 18 and I had my first lap earlier this week. They found patches of endo and a cyst so don't believe you're 'too young'!

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