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First laparoscopy scars

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Hi all, just joined the forum and I was wondering if you could help me with my concerns. I have been offered my first laparoscopy with suspected endo, I know some people may think this is silly but I am really worried about the scars left after this. Does anyone have any pictures or details about their scars and how many they have. Much appreciated I'd really like to know what to expect.

Wishing you all well. Many thanks Emma

15 Replies

Hi , it's natural to worry - but mine are very small . I have one very small one inside my belly button & then one about 3 inches on my bikini line . Very thin line and gradually fading away x


Mine are tiny. I've got three scars. Each is about one centimetre long. The one on my belly button is the most obvious. That's still raised, red and lumpy. I had my laparoscopy in October so hoping that it'll fade a bit over time. The other two scars are barely noticeable on either side of my bikini line. Very thin little lines. Both one centimetre long.


Hello lovely!!

I had my first one about 4-5months ago and since then my scars have lessened but still find the ones around my stomach look a bit swollen still. Remember that it looks like a small surgery but its very complex. They have to cut through several layers to just look around. And your belly may swell a lot, and cause your stitches to look a bit more stretched out, but don't worry it's all normal. Also if you get dissovable stitches and surgical glue, expect your scars to look yucky. They leave all the surgical glue on so its a bit yucky but it comes off gradually. My belly now swells when eating and most days but it's all apart of healing.

And the scars look so tiny that it won't even be noticeable unless looking closely. And they're usually at your bikini line and inside your belly button so it should be okay. I had an awful recovery but that was because i had been told that it only should take 2 weeks for recovery when it actually took 2 months until i felt human and could walk like a human too haha! You definitely look and feel preggers after surgery. But don't worry, it's always scary but it gets better and my pain has lessened so much! They thin out lots! And i had 4 scars.

Much love xo


Hi, my scars are from May 16 and most of the time I forget they are even there! 1 in my belly button which I can never see because I have it pierced! 😊 And another two just above bikini line - so small honestly nothing to worry about! Good luck xx


Hey :) This is something I was a little concerned about prior to my op too however post op I was more focussed on my recovery and generally feeling better. The scars really are minimal! I have one near my left hip that's about 1cm long, one at the top of my bikini line (1.5cm) which knickers usually cover and the one in my belly button is completely unnoticeable. I had my op at the start of November and the scars are still quite red but I know this will fade. I've heard of things you can use to help them fade quicker but I think it's usually best to just let nature and your body do their thing. Hope this helps and wishing you all the best with your op! Xx


Hi Emma,

I had a laparoscopy 4 weeks ago for bilateral cystectomy, I also had my ovaries released as they were stuck and removal of endo on my bladder. As others have said it feels pretty bad after for a good week (I couldn't really do anything-cooking, putting my own socks and leggings on or walking much further than to the toilet), then slowly it eases. I have 3 inside my belly button that you can't see (I'm not sure why some people have the cut inside their belly button and some underneath) and then the other two on my bikini line.. I had glue which looked horrible, but After 10 days roughly it came off and off the scars look so neat! They are close to my hips though and I'm still getting a lot of discomfort and pain at times especially if I do a lot in the day. I was very bruised on the outside around my scars and hips and around my groin, that took around a week to 10 days to start coming out. It still hurts if I put pressure around my knicker area. I still can't walk for too long without needing to have a rest and need to lie down flat if I overdo it.

It is quite a lot to go through, but hopefully will be worth it for you.

Good luck! ☺️

Kelly xx


Hey! I was concerned too before mine but honestly i am so relieved with how small they are. I had one in my belly button and two horizontal on my bikini line. The two on my bikini line are basically invisible now and its only been 6 months. My belly button scar is a bit bigger (about 1.5 inches) vut its basically hidden in my belly button. I wouldnt hesitate for a minute wearing a bikini or be self conscious in any way. I hope that helps. If you are still worried, ive used bio oil on scars befire and its helped so you could use that once your stitches are removed. Good luck 😊


Mine are from about 8 years ago, and virtually non-existent. They were pretty small and inconspicuous immediately after: at my navel about 1cm, red and raised, but now - and for years - it just looks like one of the other creases around the navel! The other, if anything less than 1cm, and is - was - more like two joined tiny puncture marks, central, just above - and almost concealed by - my pubes! The scars weren't obvious a few months after - I had no qualms about wearing a tiny bikini on holiday (though I wouldn't have worried anyway ... I think scars should be flaunted to remind the world we are mortal and flawed, and that this is 'normal' and not the perfection we're told to strive for ... but that's just me ...)

Honestly: now, no one would know they were there.

Try not to worry, good luck.


I have just been offered my first lap too and this isn't a silly question, I would like to know the answer too x


I don't mine 3weeks ago on Wednesday, and they've already cleared up nicely, still got abit of healing to go but I'm really surprised as I was worried like you was...I have a tiny line on my belly button...and two little mark one by my hip bone and one low down on my bladder which is covered up by my underwear... if you have any questions message me as I had my first lap 3weeks ago with suspected endo, I was pooping myself and this site was constantly used by myself lol

Emma xox


Thank you so much for all these replies it has really helped me with what I expect as im sure you all understand my nerves!! I just want a bit of my life back before early teen years :(


I had 2 surgeries last year (jan and nov) and the scars are barely visible at all. They've been in through my bellybutton twice now and you can't tell unless you're looking for it. I have a tiny mark 1 cm long close to my left hipbone and a similar one just above my bikini line. Tried to post a pic but I can't work out how to do it!


I had my lap 7 years ago and was wondering the other day how many incisions I had. I couldn't find them! I think 3 as well as the umbilical one but I honestly can't really see where they are.


Hi Emma, I've had my second laparoscopy in October. The first was to remove an ovarian cyst, and the most recent one was for removal of an endometrial polyp and endometriosis.

The scars are tiny! Please don't worry about that. I've used Pakua Lotion after both ops (once the stitches have dissolved) and found that it helps to speed up the healing.

Best of luck x x


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