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Belly button healing weirdly!!!

I had my first lap surgery on the 5th Jan. Healing process has been up and down with soreness, tiredness and bad side effects to medication! After 7 days I took my dressing off (replacing them throughout of course) but my belly button stitches are still there and it seems my belly button looks stitches across. Like together and there is now no longer a hole. It's so hard to explain but I'm worried it's stuck like that now?! The glue seems to be across it also. Not sure if this is maybe a popular thing and eventually goes back to normal or am I now getting used to having little to no belly button?

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It may be the dissolvable stitches that will go and then it will open. It took my stitches a fair bit longer than they said to go. I had that with my groin / leg stitches. I was worried about my belly button, also an inny but once it could see the surfical slit was vertical and immediately below the knot. I still have not yet lost the scab and it's been 6 weeks.


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