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Hole in belly button after lap not healing


Hey all

I had my lap on the 8th last Thursday. I recovered well with not to much pain.

I had internal stitches and glued up on the outside. All has been well up till now. Last night I very gently cleaned my belly button and the bottom part of cut popped open. It is about half a cm deep like a little hole. It's not bleeding as such but very weepy. Clear yellow red . There is a small amout of redness but not very much. I am in more pain now than I have been all the way through recovery. It's a deep pain.

I really would like to avoid doctors. I can't go back to the hospital as it was a private hospital and can't go without appointment. Xxx

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Hi. Im glad you had a speedy recovery from your op I hope it went well for you. I'd recommend trying steri strips you can get them from a pharmacy and try them to close the gap. If it works keep them on for a few days. If they don't close it you'll need to ring your gp for advice.

Hope this helps! Not a medical professional but thats what I would do (I'm confident steri strips will work)

Take care x

Amyjane88 in reply to Jess98790

Thanks ks so much for advice much appreciated xx

As jess said :) If you can't get steri-strips, use micropore tape cut into little strips.

You'll feel a bit more pain as the swelling is going down and everything's healing; you've had an op, no matter how much you're told it's just an op and it's done lots, we often forget this type is still a relatively invasive one for our bodies; cutting holes, inserting instruments, inflating, pulling, tugging, pressing, pushing, it all takes it's toll!

It's good that your incision isn't bleeding or infected, it sounds like it's healing well. If you can possibly get some colloidal silver spray or gel (I got mine from amazon), it is antibacterial and natural so will help your body heal plus you can use it as much as you like as it doesn't have any side effects. I cut up a bit of non adhesive dressing pads (the ones you get in a first aid box, looks like the bit from the inside of plasters) and folded it small enough to fit in my belly button (but not stretch it), sprayed it with colloidal sliver, It absorbed the weepy bit, kept it dryer and the spray gently helped keep it clean while stopping it from sticking to the incision. I repeated this twice a day until it wasn't leaving weepy stuff on the piece of dressing. Don't know if that would help you.

Amyjane88 in reply to farahziya

Thank you u so much for your wonderful advice. Will give it a go xxx

Do you have a follow up appointment booked? I would be seeking help rather than trying to deal with it yourself - whether it’s your GP or your private consultant you need to make sure everything is ok and there isn’t a problem. Hope you feel better soon

You could probably try to get a nurse appointment at your surgery if you don’t want to see dr. X

Amyjane88 in reply to Vixylix

Hey Yes I have one in 5 weeks . I will go and get it looked at at doctors like you say better to get it checked xx

farahziya in reply to Amyjane88

hope you have a more sympathetic doc than I did when I went about the same worry! the doc I saw just looked at me as if I were stupid wasting their time with a non infected belly button, and that I should know when it's infected. I felt awful and silly at the time, but like you I was concerned.

For your peace in mind I would recommend you to book an appointment with a GP practice Nurse. I had lap surgery and my belly button took to heal 4 Weeks. I hope you a steady recovery

Hello, I know this is an old post but I’m having the same problem 4 weeks on after mine, what was your outcome and how long did it take to heal ??

Many thanks x.

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