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I'm new here... and some help and advice needed about fertility test!

Hi there

I was diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2006. I have had 3 laps that have removed endo and I have tried lots of different, unsuccessful treatments over the years. After my first op, I was advised to start thinking about starting family because endo was lessen my chances.

I'm currently having prostap injections with livial to lessen the side effects of the chemical menopause. I have these every 4 week and I've been on them for over a year now and I don't feel that it's working as well as it had been for me as I feel how I do when the endo is creeping in for a bad spell.

My consultant is concerned that there's something else, other than endo, going on in there with me feel like this. I'm having to keep a detailed diary of pain, any bleeding, toilet habits, sex etc. When I see him in March, the diary and the reports from my previous laps at other hospitals will help him decide what the next plan of action is. More surgery and pain management clinic have been mentioned so far.

I don't really want to live my life on different painkillers or go through another operation to be back at square one in a matter of weeks. He's said more prostap probably Isn't an option due to the fact it's not making life manageable.

I'm having a bad flare up at the moment and I'm laid up in bed on zomorph and oramorph to try and stop any breakthrough pain. This isn't living - it's existing.

I have voiced in the past that I would have a hysterectomy to try and gain some quality of life. But with being 30 and having no children they don't want to go down that road yet. My husband and I aren't even sure if we want children and it's more important to us that I'm well.

ANYWAYS.... the reason for my (long-sorry!) post! Has anyone had experience of a fertility test? Is this something that I can ask my consultant for?

I just think I'm going through all of this agony - mental and physical - when maybe my chances of having a baby (even if I want one!) are very slim and then having a hysterectomy could be a option that could improve my quality of life.

Hope this all makes sense,

Thanks for reading


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Your gp can do tests (think it's day 2 and day 21 of your cycle) and they are a good starting point. Has your husband had his sperm tested? Xxx


Thanks for replying Jenny - much appreciated!

I asked at my prostap appt yesterday about fertility testing and it is something I can have done.

The nurse has put it in my notes so my consultant knows I want it when I go and see him in April.



Fab! Will be good to get an idea of your fertility. Please remember, though, that it is just an indication - my fertility results were always very poor and I have stage 4 endometriosis so was given a less than 5% chance of IVF working - but it did, twice. All the very best to you. Xxx


Sorry, that sounds like I'm ruling out you getting pregnant naturally, which I'm not at all. Xxx


Ah, thank you Jenny - it's lovely to hear success stories.

I think once I have an idea of my fertility rather than the hazy "think about staring a family soon with your condition and time ticking away" statement from my consultant that I will be able to decide what's best for me moving forwards.

Thanks again for your reply. 😘


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