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Thinking of having the coil removed?

I had my laparoscopy almost a year ago in Feb 16, and that when I had my coil inserted. I had a lot of problems at first and wanted it removed, however the doctors kept telling me to be persistent as I've never had children. Now almost a year down the line I still have a lot of bloating and seemed to gain about a stone. I've lost 9lbs however can't seem to easily loose the weight no matter how healthy I eat or how much I exercise! I also find that my stomach has gotten a lot bigger and I constantly have a pouch at the bottom of my stomach. As well as loads of spots!! Really I was wondering what the after effects would be if I had it removed or shall I just be persistent even though I'm unhappy??? It's really difficult

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Is it the merina coil? How have ur periods and pain been with it?


Yeah it is the merina coil! I haven't had a single period since I had it and still get pain every now and then


Hi mirena causes cystic acne I have used this now for 3 years it was put in when had surgery. It does cause weight gain I went up a dresss size to UK 14. But although I'm on antibiotics all time for acne and that weight gain plus thinning of my hair it out weighs the other stuff constant heavy bleeding which allows endo to grow more! The pain went for two years for me I have always still had a light period on it 28 days without fail it is only recently I am in pain again but only when on a period! I am now on prostap with my mirena still in I have only had 1 prostap so far but has eased pain. For some with time the mirena becomes the new hysterectomy I had hot flashes on mirena which was good because the consultant wanted a menopause as I have stage 4 to help manage it. I would have another mirena if I had to but I'm hoping it's my time for a hysterectomy now. Do what you feel is right it's your body your journey just think to yourself if it wasn't in what would be my symptoms that will help you decide if you could cope without it. Good luck

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Thank you that's the problem I am wary of what I'll be like without it. As I haven't bled once for almost a year now


I had the merina in for years and it was great. About a year ago it started giving me really bad like a knife going through. It disappeared when the Dr removed the coil. I tried it a couple more times still the same. I've tried all other hormone treatments but nothing else works. I'm on prostap now to go through a chemical menopause but have crippling back pain. No period. So I just want them to remove everything but they are reluctant. And yes when the coil was removed I noticed the weight literally drop off. So yes definite weight gain with the coil. But balanced with other symptoms it's by far the best.


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